The Indulgence of Glimpses

The Indulgence of Glimpses

A Poem by Stonz P.

i have tried to say

to you to speak to you to

tell you all that there is

to know yet you

would rather our

silence do all the talking



i wonder what i want to tell you

when i cannot find you after

having waited everywhere and

looked at every hour just so

i may not miss out on the

indulgence of your glimpse




you still think thoughts of me

for why else would you

acknowledge my presence with

that swift turn of your nape

away from my gaze leaving

me in daze of some perpetual haze

of where it all went wrong or

when did the cracks appear first

or who between us lies at fault or

how wayward that future stalls

or what must it all mean for

why would you still think thoughts of me




i wonder what you want to tell me

when you pretend to stare at the skies

right after watching me from the

corner of your eye leaving my lips

to quietly gasp breaths full of sighs

whilst you quietly wither from sight



you must have heard me

but chosen not to listen despite

knowing all that there is

 to know to confine me

to accept that our

silence must do all the talking

© 2017 Stonz P.

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Added on September 29, 2017
Last Updated on October 1, 2017


Stonz P.
Stonz P.

Lakhnau, India

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