Of Things Not Seen

Of Things Not Seen

A Story by Cecilia Ting

Since this will be part of an ongoing series on my website, go to to read more as the story progresses.


Saujia stood by her bedroom window, gazing outside and humming softly to herself.  A knock on the door interrupted, startling her out of her thoughts.  She crossed the room and opened the door to an empty staircase landing.  Between her dark eyebrows, a crease appeared.
"Mom!" she yelled, as she stepped out onto the landing and leaned against the banister.
"What?" came the faint reply.
"Did you knock on my door?"
"No.  Why?"  Mrs. Jing sounded slightly distracted.
"Never mind," called out Saujia as she turned to go back.
"Scared?" asked her younger brother, who had appeared suddenly behind her.
Saujia screamed and took an inadvertent step backwards.  She recovered quickly and attempted to punch Joe, but missed as he ducked and ran into his own room on the left.  Saujia sighed as the door slammed shut behind him.  Almost immediately, the beeping noises of Joe's computer started up.  Saujia shook her head and retreated back into her room.

© 2010 Cecilia Ting

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Added on April 16, 2010
Last Updated on April 16, 2010