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A Poem by allison

I glared at the wall across from me.

the green paint chipping off,
you could only see small amounts of the original color
everyone still looks at the facade color, made to match perfectly with it's surroundings.
until someone new comes around another color to cover up.

the tinted yellow light flickered above me.

the past touches of unfaithful women snaked up my spine,
their breath against my neck,
nails digging into my forearms.
I slapped my forehead until the whispering became static.

I sank to the floor and stared at my cloudy reflection in the mirror that was poorly propped up against the wall.

my jaw clenched as I watched my own blood shot eyes widen and twitch.

I could hear stomping grow louder towards the bathroom door, 
incoherent screaming from another room drained out the sound of my struggle to breathe,
I squeezed my eyes shut and punched the tile of the floor until my knuckles bled,
and all I could hear was ringing silence filling up my ears,
drowning out noises that weren't there anymore.

I opened my eyes, 
let my body go limp and hit the cold floor.

the light flickered a few more times before it got brighter.
I stared through the crack beneath the door,
my pupils dilated in and out.

the bulb burned brighter,
I closed my eyes as my body crept into subconsciousness.
the sound of a bulb popping resonated in my ears,

© 2017 allison

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I loved this! Such colorful descriptions/story line! I look forward to reading more of your work! check out some of mine as well if ya can :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

thank you!!

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1 Review
Added on September 5, 2017
Last Updated on November 29, 2017
Tags: anger, intense, coping, breakdown, anxiety, trigger, ptsd