A Poem by Hebe

Beautiful city Montreal, will return in summer..

I will remember that night, forever!
trying to come up with a new word for cold
but my brain was forming ice chunks
that were dropping down to my toes
like those new refridgerators with the automatic icemakers
this was Montreal, last week of the year
I sat huddled in the back seat with three of my friends
let's go sightseeing someone suggested
I was dressed in layers, something like a lasagna with an extra topping of melted mozzarella
I was sure nothing could penetrate this garb
we finally arrived at the monument
under the icy ink sky
I stepped out of the car gingerly
one toe at a time
my breath tried to retreat back through my nostrils
and my skin must have looked like a chicken cutlet left in the freezer too long
the wind howled and I stood there as if naked
that last layer of mozzarella didn't do crap!
the needles of cold pierced themselves down to my bones
enough of this,
no monument is worthy of this much freeze factor
I jumped back into the car,
and sat as my friend unlocked my jaw with an ice pick
Happy new year to you too !

© 2016 Hebe

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"Sightseeing" Oh so cold! Your experience of bringing in the New Year. so did you think of a "new word for cold?" I like your definitions within this fun write; "brain forming ice chunks, dressed in layers, like a lasagna."
"Arrived at the monument under an icy ink sky. Stepped out of the car one toe at a time"(Love this!)
Cold pierced down to my toes." More fun talk of frozen toes! Fun. But of course; "No monument is worth this much freeze factor!" Fortunately you have good friends able to unlock your poor jaw with an ice pick. Wow this was a blast to read..............Thanks so much.....Kathy

Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

Hi Kathy, hope you are well and thank you for finding this piece I think it got buried in the snow :.. read more
Kathy Van Kurin

9 Months Ago

Cute! I think it may of as well and glad I could help dig it up. Ha ha..........
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I like this, it's lively and very well expressed with imagery

Posted 1 Year Ago


9 Months Ago

Thank you for your review... I missed it, sorry for such a late reply !
Imust send a copy of this to my daughter,. She has recently moved to Edmonton from Australia witth her job. The shock of the new level of sub zero temperatures is brought out so well in your poem and your descriptions were hilarious.
Loved it!!.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

Thank you for your comment.... I hope your daughter gets used to is a little extreme!!

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A Poem by Hebe