Obvious Update is Obvious

Obvious Update is Obvious

A Story by DoormanDan

I haven't posted anything in two months now, and I have a feeling it may be a while before I'm posting anything else.

Obvious Update is Obvious

Hey there everybody, this is DoormanDan (OBVIOUSly....I suck XD)!  Wow, it's been forever since I last posted anything on here, and I'm sorry about that.  I don't really know how many people will actually end of reading this or even caring (as inactivity on this site appropriately equates to fewer and fewer people reading what you post unless you do a ton of reviewing), but regardless, I'm writing this anyway.

I wrote the last thing I posted on here, Sonata of Your Afterglow, right before crunch time for finals started at my college.  The time after that entirely consisted of me studying, struggling to keep from being lazy since it was the last few weeks of my freshman year, working out to destress and resting at home, doing nothing.  Thankfully, Summer started a few weeks ago, but before that, I was not able to really even think about writing or anything like that.  However, possibly because of that, now that my obligations have been cut down tremendously, I've found that any attempt to write lyrics or poems yield nothing, I just keep drawing blanks in that area!  However, my mind has been shifting to other creative pursuits at the same time.

You see, although I haven't been writing poetry, I have been slowly, but surely working on a book.  I've had this idea in my head for a while, and have attempted to begin working on it many times in the past, but never got past the first few lines.  This time, however, I'm able to think of characters and plots for the book, and even immersive (and hopefully good) lore (which I'm planning on making into another book in itself, so in a sense, I'm working on TWO books at once here).  On top of this, I'm also currently working on my first musical piece in Garageband.  I've wanted to be a music maker for a long time, and I'm only now beginning to at least feel like I'm starting to understand how to make that dream happen.  What I have is, in my opinion, very far from being anything remotely close to decent, but considering how I was doing with it three months ago (before I took a break from it because of college), I actually think I've progressed pretty far.

Lastly, I'm also devoted a bit more time towards my physical fitness.  I've always wanted to go on American Ninja Warrior, but never really had any way to gauge my progress.  However, recently I got to try the Alpha Warrior Obstacle Course...and went out on the  second obstacle.  I probably would have gotten discouraged after that, if it weren't for me getting to meet one of my athletic idols, eight time ANW veteran Brent Steffenson, and he told me that I've already taken the first step towards getting to ANW, and that he hopes to see me taking on the course in the next few years.  Naturally, this served as inspiration, and I've begun to take my workouts and diet more seriously (still working on that damned Peanut Butter craving though...XD).  I've readjusted my workout routine several times since then, and have, overall, but much more energy into trying to reach my physical goals.

Oh yeah, I also have a good job for the Summer, so YYYAAAYYYYYYY!!!! 

My point here is, I may not be posting anything for a while.  I have a lot of other creative things that I'm devoting attention to now, things that will take a good amount of time to finish.  Don't worry, if I think of a good idea for some poetry, and am able to concoct something that I think is high in both quality and variety (as compared to my other pieces of writing), I will definitely drop what I'm doing and write it (as poetry will always hold a special place in my heart).  To any of you who read this, once again, I apologize for this long period of nothing.  Just know that I will be back someday, and hopefully will be bringing with me fresh and inspired content for you to enjoy once again!  I'll see you all again someday, whether it be tomorrow or six months from now (hopefully not that long, but we'll see), but for now, this is DoormanDan closing the door!  Take care, everybody!  :)

© 2017 DoormanDan

Author's Note

'Til we meet again, everybody!! May you have a good day everyday! :)

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Hello my friend. I'm playing catch-up. I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a safe and fun Spring.

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3 Months Ago

Hey Coyote. Thanks, I'm having a great Spring right now (my writing creativity has more than reboun.. read more
Coyote Poetry

3 Months Ago

I'm and you are welcome my friend. No Spring in Michigan year. Icy storm are here.

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College Burnout, DE

I'm a twenty one year old young man who enjoys writing poetry, songs, stories, paintball and other things. My favorite things to do are parkour, video games, listening to music, and making people hap.. more..

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