The Darkest of Coal

The Darkest of Coal

A Story by chandlerl



            The popular poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken,” is the basic view I’ve developed on my life today. Honesty, Open-mindedness and willingness, it is my belief, with a full stock of these in your arsenal of dealing with life as life dictates it, you’re far better off then the ones who haven’t quite figured it out yet. These are the tools I’ve been given and they work, with proper application.


            Without honesty, there can be no trust. Throughout my life I was taught with the method, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Through the years of learning about the world, the people in it and those who rule it; I’ve come to believe that honesty really is the best policy and that we are most-likely to follow what’s been shown to us and not what’s been told to us. That words mean nothing without action. That honesty isn’t always just what you say, but what you do. There’s a saying going around, ‘Lies don’t hurt people, if you really want to hurt someone tell them the truth’. I would not only disagree with that, but altogether, disregard it. In my eyes, it’s not the truth that hurts you, only that you were lied to about it for so long.


            Just as there can be no trust without honesty, there is no room for growth without the ability to be open-minded. It is my unwavering belief, that it takes a special kind of person to be able to listen to someone with the complete opposite opinion as them and to not only accept and see their side of it, but also to know their own truth. Being closed-minded, cuts off your ability to see anything except what you choose. It’s like tunnel vision, narrow and not the whole picture. It helps a lot when you are taught how to think and not whaqt to think. When a large plant is put into a small pot, the roots can only go so far before they are restricted and then the plant can only grow so big. The same goes with open-mindedness versus close-mindedness.


            Both honesty and open-mindedness are great, but the can only be achieved with willingness. Without the willingness to grow, to learn, to get up off the couch, your life is stuck in pause while everything else moves around you. There’s not much you can do, without the will to do it. For myself it took a while to find any willingness to do anything. I was drifting and my life showed it. We all have different pain thresholds, physically, mentally and spiritually, how much pain we have to be in to do something about it. For example, one of my friends can stub her toe and want to be taken to the E.R. My other friend once broke her arm and waited till the next day to go. If you apply the physical aspect to the mental one, either way, it takes a varying amount of pain, to get to a certain amount of willingness, to get to a certain point, where you can change.


            All in all, I’m glad I’ve taken the road less traveled. Every choice, every decision is a fork in the road, each one leads to the next and ultimately, where you will end up. Down the roads I’ve taken, I’ve picked up these three basic priniciples of living. I’ve learned that without honesty there is no trust, that without open-mindedness there can be no growth and that without willingness, there can be no trust, no growth and ultimately no change. With enough time, heat and pressure, even the darkest of coal can turn into the brightest of diamonds.

© 2013 chandlerl

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Added on August 8, 2013
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Ive been a writer for a long time...disspite my age...I write mostly dark...twisty stuff...with an occasional light at the end... more..

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