Enden: A Fantasy Novel (REQUEST)

Enden: A Fantasy Novel (REQUEST)

A Story by Dante

Hey guys! Check this out!


Would you be wiling to be review my new book Enden? It's a fantasy novel, and I've written a short description below. Give it a try! I'll give you a free copy!


I would like to send you a free ebook copy of my new book, Enden. It’s a fantasy novel about a world that I created. If you want to know more about that world, you can go to this link and read the History of Enden, which sets up the book:


Enden is a fantasy novel, and in the book it includes a comprehensive collection of maps that show every inch of the world. I have done my best to make it as clear as possible and to show you the world. I am a teenage author who usually writes Thrillers, so this is my first foray into Fantasy.

It is a unique fantasy book, focusing on the wars, friendship, sacrifice, and brotherhood of a world torn apart by corruption and evil. There is very limited magic, a few created creatures, but besides that it is much like the Middle Ages in Europe.

If you want to give it a try, email me back at davidkummer7@gmail.com and I will send you a free pdf, mobi, or doc/docx. Pick your format, and enjoy a wild ride like no other.


They have grown strong in the shadows, the kingdom of Oldon. The land is void of hope and of strength against them. The human kingdoms grow corrupt everyday, so that the lines between good and evil are slurred.

One young man from a small village in the valley could change all of that. He fights with the passion of a warrior and the luck of a magician. And when the barbarians force him out of his home, the journey begins.

Trained by a knight, shadowed with secrets, and against the kingdom he once called home, Jonathan is an outcast, a rebel. But more than anything, he is a leader.

Enden is a world filled with wars, famine, sieges, torture, and death. But the greatest battle of all is to survive. Only one thing is certain. Something is rising, in the distance near the edge of the world where forgotten secrets brew. Something has risen. And it is coming.

It is coming


So there you have it! Give it a try, and if you want to hear me reading a sample head over here!


© 2016 Dante

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This is so cool! Venturing into fantasy! I never expected that from you!

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanks Riley :) I'm doing my best!

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Hanover, IN

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