No Hope of a Party

No Hope of a Party

A Chapter by Dante

Where do we go
from here?
All I can sense
is fear.
We are alone.
We're left behind.
I search inside,
Such frights to find.

What should I feel 
right now?
Angry or sad?
But how
Can I make sense?
This is a mess.
Where do I run?
Who do I bless?

Where is the God
I've known?
Where is the king,
his throne?
Where is my life
And Where is my Death
And Who are you to
Draw my final breath?

Where did I stray?
Where did I fall?
Who is my God?
Who is my all?
Where did bones break?
Where did earth cry?
Who am I today?
Who and what and why
Am I alive?
Am I asleep?
Can I take a breath?
Can I be a sheep
So I can be slaughtered
Am I a man?
Who is this God?
What is his plan?
What can I say?
And what can I prove?
You held it in long
Until you were moved
And now I am moved
To scream out aloud
and hate this world
But wear it proud.
I know that I'm lost
I know that I'm saved
But if it's alright
Why Am I So

© 2016 Dante

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Amazing flow of thoughts led to very good ending. I like the poetry that ends with a question. Thank you Dante for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 11 Months Ago

It is a very deep read. To be honest, I couldn't fully understand what you wanted to convey. From what I got, I could tell that the person is confused and in angst. He is desperate to find some reason in his life. Some balance maybe. Justification even.

To me, it felt like a complicated maze of emotions delivered through your poem.
Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading it. It is an intriguing and deep piece.

Thanks for the read request Dante.

Cheers! :)


Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

Thank you Moonlight :) It's definitely complicated lol. I'm just glad you enjoyed it!
that is deeper then alot of pieces, most wont know this pain to fully understand the depths of which it is born , i think it is remarkable that is for sure ! way to go

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

Thank you devious :) I really appreciate it!

11 Months Ago

No problem my friend keep up the great work ..all my support

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