We Were Your Home

We Were Your Home

A Poem by Dante

I find it hard to say your name,
to fall asleep, to play this game.
It's so damn hard, but I still try.
I don't want pity. Let me die.
Feed this hunger in my mind
for anybody to be kind.
They don't know or understand,
but you don't either. Take my hand.
I want to show you things I've done,
and things I've heard and things I've won.
But none of it means a thing to me.
You don't remember what to be.

After you left, you called me the man.
The man of the house, and when you began
to talk about the future you saw
I feared it was far away from us all.
I still don't know what to expect.
The shock is all gone, so I reset.
This pain is new, this pain is real,
and I don't know what to do when I feel
like the world's on my back and the burden's on my shoulders.
This is something I should never have to do until I'm older
but life has a way of hatred
but life has a way of shame
but life has a way of murder
but life thinks it's all a game.
I can't talk seriously. I swear I'll cry.
I can't and laugh though. 'Cause I might die.

You think that I don't see.
I do.
You think I don't understand.
I still do.
You think that I don't know what the future could hold.
I do.
I don't wanna tell anybody.
But I do.
I don't wanna make them feel the same stuff that I do.
Yet I do.
And I don't wanna write stupid poems about stupid emotions that I won't remember when I wake up tomorrow.
Still. I do.
And I just want you to come back home.
But you haven't.

Come back home
Please don't cry
Come inside
Don't say goodbye

Come back home
Please, please stay
I can't live
Another day

So come back home
Come inside
Take my hand
Don't say you tried

Come back home
Please, please stay
Any way
And every day.

Come back home

© 2017 Dante

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Added on March 26, 2017
Last Updated on March 26, 2017



Hanover, IN

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