A Poem by Sanober

All the colours 
have started 
to drain from the sky 

the apple-trees 
have lost their blossoms 

the summer seas 
no longer sing 
their warm shoulder-lilt 

precious things seem to be lost 
what once belonged 
seems abandoned 

but the time will come, my dear 
when i will hold you close 

and all will be 
right again 
in the world 

rivers will find
their lost course 
the wilted will bloom
empires will be restored 
and all the distances will close 

the moon will 
swan down once again 
lost ships will sail home

barren words 
will replenish themselves

and the winds will blow 
through the pine-woods

nourishing the air 
with the most divine fragrance 

and we will find ourselves 
in the perfect balance 

that we were 

meant for 

with our hearts 
and gazes

drifting out over...
the vast 

mountain skies. 

© 2015 Sanober

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dear Sanober... your poem is so beautiful
that I am lost for words...
I could read your words forever and
still find them breath-taking... truly, Pat

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

so blessed to see your beautiful comments here. thank you my friend. miss you!
Patricia Wedel

2 Years Ago

Hi Sanober... I always miss you... looking forward to
your poems as time goes by... with lov.. read more
dear Sanober... "and the winds will blow
through the pine-woods... nourishing the air
with the most divine fragrance". The romance
of your poetry is a pallet of scents secretly
seducing the core of your heart . truly , Pat

Posted 3 Years Ago

dear Sanober ... Your poetry is a huckleberry...
sweet and delicious... savoring the times of
love ... sweet fragrance of the woods ...
a gift forever embedded in your soul
dreaming of awakening. truly ... Pat

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Being in love creates a great need which nothing else can fill. There is nothing else like it, the incompleteness, the sense of loss a separation brings. You express this so well, encompassing the entire world. Beautifully done.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Gloriously romantic even in its poignancy! When the one you love is physically separated from you, the world does not seem quite right. Nothing feels, sounds, or smells as it should. When you are reunited, all is right with the world. The last line is such a serene one....vast mountain skies once again shared by a special two. Sanober, you do not write often anymore, but when you do, it is a pleasure to visualize the splendidly vivid images you create. Great work. Lydi**

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Mumbai, India

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