Fairy Tale Friday: The Frog Prince

Fairy Tale Friday: The Frog Prince

A Story by dbstevens

Today in Fairy Tale 101, we are dissecting frog princes. No, no, that came out wrong...we are dissecting "The Frog Prince."


Okay, so what we’ve got is a prince who, for whatever reason, has been cursed to wear a frog suit and it makes him sad.

Now, while I have no problem coming up with a few perks to being a frog -- off the top of my head? Sexy green legs, for one -- our young prince doesn’t like it. Maybe because no girls will kiss him, which I’m made to understand is something guys really like, so. I guess I get why he doesn’t appreciate the frog suit.

But I can also understand why nobody wants to kiss him. When I imagine the texture of something slimy touching my lips, I think of a horrible smell, putrid decay, stickiness stretching into long strings. 

And of course it’s almost impossible to keep stuff out of your mouth once it’s been on your lips (it says here the average woman will consume 6 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime? I have no idea if that’s really true, but I do know one of my first instincts after putting chapstick on is to lick my lips.) 

On top of the slime, there’s also the chance that the frog may be poisonous.  I’ve often wondered if that played a part in the original story...

**And this is just a teaser. For the rest of the story, which includes computer techies, fairy godmothers, frog suits and more, go to kickingcorners.blogspot.com.

© 2012 dbstevens

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Added on February 25, 2012
Last Updated on February 25, 2012
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