Balancing Perception

Balancing Perception

A Story by MerylDivya

I believe in six of the five senses. Yes six, that's what I wrote. Perception, we have come to understand, is all about our sensory environment. The way we perceive situations and circumstances can either put us in fight-or-flight mode, or the ever popular rest-and-digest slump. Finding a perfect balance incorporates our vision, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Maximizing our potential to balance our energies is where the sixth sense comes into play - intuition. 

Vision: What you see isn't always necessarily what you get. How you see the world around you can heighten your capabilities or throw you for a loop. It is important to keep in mind that although life can be chaotic, our visions should remain positive, hopeful and faith-centered. Take away message - visualize your goals. 

Smell: When you smell smoke, does that mean there's a fire? Could be. How you respond is ultimately up to you. When we realize our potential we must learn from our past experiences and maximize that potential. So if there is a fire, be prepared. Prevention is always the best medicine. You will battle the flames in no time. 

Taste: Bittersweet experiences - bitter or sweet? Whatever life throws your way may be more than you can chew. Expect large helpings but take small bites. Stress is a part of life, and moderate doses of sugar helps the medicine go down. So be kind to yourself when battling stress. Beating yourself up will just make the battle impossible. 

Touch: Relationships for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, can be a supportive pillar or a deadly anchor. Don't let yourself be used and abused. Instead balance what you want and need with grace and expect only what you can give in return. Reciprocal love is the most enduring. 

Hearing: Always, always, always - respond to your calling. Whether it be a life changing course, or a small nudge towards a goal, stay motivated with the knowledge that this life is your own. Only you can make or break it, and ultimately live it. 

Intuition: Trust your gut. When life presents a challenge you must utilize your whole perception and coping skills to create peace. Wielding your senses and capacity of growth will strengthen your character and make you a better person. 

If you find yourself a little "unbalanced" you must holistically modify your approach to the scenarios of life. Once you are in tune with yourself, I promise you that the harmony which follows will astound you. 

© 2014 MerylDivya

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Added on October 11, 2014
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