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only 15 and believe in a lot

I've been on this world for 15 years
Apparently 15 years is enough to let the earth tell me who I am
15 years is enough to let people brand you an outcast.
I'm only 15 expected to have no friends in society because what I believe in
Well guess what I have more than 150
15 years is enough for me to see hope in the world
Im an optimist about something pessimistic
I see people changing in my 15 years
This is my retaliation to hurt everyone who looked down to me
My burning shield to the deadly sword
Im not alone and best of all there's more people like me than you expect
Im not speaking for myself
Like a criminal this is my manifesto to show my reasons of my crime
My biggest crime was to believe in humans and how everyone can change for the better not worse.
Im one of many who fight for lost right or rights people have never had
I'm one who can't wait till my different friends can do things society shut them out to do so
15 years is enough to open my eyes and show me that what I believe in is hopeless to others
Well I have faith and faith is something we need to get through hard times
I see people raising awareness for things
I see people standing up for others
I thought hip hop was against gays but maclemore came and changed that
By making a hit from a song telling people society is wrong and helped gay couples gain rights.
Im proud to support him , I'm not gay but I want what right
And everybody has the god given right to be who they want
Isn't that what they teach us in school
You can be anything if you put your heart and soul into it
I believe we would start fresh
I believe we will drop the acts
I believe we would stop calling people who are weak and can not fight back because of disability names
They never ask to be like that and would choose to die than suffer
I dont need to have a stable head to know that all my sadness would go away if there was no me
Kids killing kid intentionally with words
The pens mightier than the sword anyways right
A man gave peace to a race of people with only words
Of course he had help but he did not believe in violence
I believe there are more people like him
The only problem is that they are scared of what society has
I may be a fool to stand up to this
Others may laugh but one thing for sure
Whats a world without love
Time burns our soul giving us a desire to live
burn bright
I think were burning dark
I believe that if we all stand up there will be a point there will not be a need to stand up
I believe that hopefully in 15 years i would watch the news
And all ill see is people helping people and actually working as a race
A house divide upon itself will not stand
So we all live in one house (earth)
And we see it collapse multiple times in war
The economy crashes cuz were busy fighting
Why don't we stop hurting the week
I will not stop believin until things change
peace brings peace not hate
Wont stop believing till all my gay friends don't have to cover up who they are
I wont stop believing until mentally disable people could feel safe walking around without being called names
I will not stop believing until people from certain groups
culture , ethnicity, religion,etc.
Could walk around without being scared of being killed
I will not stop believing until words are used as tools to make not destroy
I will not stop believing until the weak are not being attacked by the strong
The best part i may be the only one who is speaking up
But i'm sure that im not the only one who believes

© 2013 soulesswriter

Author's Note

help me please
dont give me mean comments for my beliefs.if u like it help me by finding ways to help others.not hurt them.anything you find in my grammer plz correct me

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I'm curious did something happen and you just poured out your heart or did you just come up with this? - it's nice. - though I'll be honest I didn't read all of it

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thanks I just poared my heart out and tried to use events that happen to support me.i really wrote t.. read more

3 Years Ago

Oh that and some of my friends are gay and special or sometimes just left out so that's one reason I.. read more
Very raw emotions and so true, as a 14-year-old myself i experience the same thing you're experiencing, I'm very glad that someone had spoken what's in my mind, thank you. And a very good piece of work on the whole, though it's a bit long.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

Your welcom and am very pleased to hear you like .i got to fix stuff up mabey that will take some li.. read more

3 Years Ago

You're welcome

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