the monster in me

the monster in me

A Poem by soulesswriter

a poem i made way before moster rhiana came out i just posting it late cuz i found it in my flash drive


The monster in me

I awoke in hell

I woke a beast in the pits of hell

In the darkness a shallow emptiness grows

 The sound of death creeps in my soul

The smell of rotting skin burning my nose and the sound of the dead would make me go crazy

Yet I see nothing but me

Am I a monster?

What have I caused?

I’m not a monster but a demon just waiting to happen

Out of all hell spawns of hell I am the worst

I use to think I was making things better

The truth is I made it worst

I backstabbed my friends and lost there trust and faith

I never wished to hurt anyone but as much as I try I always manage to

Now I’m alone cause of the monstrosity I became

I hide in the shadows lonesome

I break mirrors because I can’t see myself in the eyes

It’s my fault I let my friends down and now I pay

My horns of greed burn bright but I’m not proud of them

My claws of hate have never been this razor sharper

But my sole is empty, my heart is empty, my energy is almost gone

I feel like I am lose the battle within myself

I’m lost and it’s my fault I have no one to lean on

It’s my fault I am lonely and depressed

I live in shame I live in disgrace I live in hate toward myself

To who come before me I hope you don’t take this way

Because I can tell u a million friends is better than a million dollars

I am a monster that I know

I’m not perfect I know that too

But what I did has no excuse

Not even for a monster like me

The darkness inside of me I tears me up and stops me from killing myself and makes me feel depressed

It grows like a tumor in a body

It eats me and controls my every move

I can’t stop it and it hurts me even more

It feeds on my secrets and humiliates me

It hurts everyone I care for, and kills anyone I need

It tortures me and keeps me up for long nights

My heart has been puncture

My blood has been tainted

And my vision blurs

The monster is me and I live with it every day

 I am seeing shame in my reflection

To see that I hurt you

 I regret living

 The monster yells my name

I yell my name

My shadow fears me and I can’t even trust myself

Because I am horrible and never wish to hurt you

I’m a monster that everyone tries to help

I want help

I wish I could be help but I hurt anyone I let get near

I take the barren of the deceased

And hurt and destroy lives

I don’t want to because I try to help

Unfortunate for me I’m a monster

I’ll die for friends

And kill for family

I would do both for u because a monster I am

And a monster I will be

I lost the one thing I felt I should live for

And I moved on because I’m a scared monster

I leave this here because if I go on you would probably forgive me

© 2014 soulesswriter

Author's Note

hope you guys like it its kinda dark but its one of my original poems

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*thumbs up* Ba da ba ba ba... I'm loving it! - Tell me why for some reason as I began to read I somehow thought of Vergil's down fall? *shakes head* I love the part where you say the monster yells my name- I yell my name? It's like mirroring... I feel a story coming on!... look out for the book of hollow which will be coming soon...

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Ok thank you like always:) I wish I could eat mc Donald's but I can't cuz of track and I'm poor:) I .. read more

4 Years Ago

Intwesting... :3

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pico rivera, CA

hello i havent been able to write cuz my wifi is out but ill post stuff when i can I'm a teen who loves writing .im a guy And likes running to and a sophomore And loves to hang out with.. more..