who am i

who am i

A Poem by soulesswriter

a question we all ask


Who am I?

I am just another person who came up and died to be forgotten after two decades

I have no purpose and if I did it would end up on a textbook anonymously

I have a dark time reading my name on a card

Because I brainwash myself to say I am who I am

Who am I kidding?

I can’t even find identity on my name

No one calls me by my name and im nameless

I have no where to go or affects anyone life

Im just a know body ready to die and end up two feet on the ground

I look at myself and can’t make sense of my face

All I see is a person

I wake up and think every morning

I die every day when I go to sleep because another day passed by and I wasted it.

I feel like im the only one born an accident

Who has no purpose in the big world?

Has nothing to do or change

I feel like a glitch in a programs who is just waiting to get fixed

I feel like ghost wondering through the streets I call home but looks very “unfamiliar”

I got no purpose but to see everyone happy while im left out.

I am like on a dead leaf on a tree that is just waiting to fall but hated while its there

Im am an outsider in society that will never fit in

Im a black spot on a white page

Im useless and don’t know what to do I run and move for no reason

I feel desolated and dead

I fell like im already dead but not underground

Im a forgotten corps that is rooting I the wood were no one will find or care to find

i am just a code that watches and dose not execute

I am know one and I feel like someone who no one cares about or needs

So without further ado I will live but no one knows me or care so this announcement is useless

Im going to die on unmarked place on an unmarked grave


my momma is gone

 Everyone I know is long gone too

I’m stranded alone with the sands of time

I am all alone the last of my kind

All my friends and families burned and withered away in the tides of time

My soul is ready to be released in the pits of the dead

Hell or heaven Im ready for what comes next

im basing my life on my accomplishment not

My failure even though I acknowledge I have many

My friends told me when I was ready I wont be scared

im a let my soul fly in this paradox and prosper dead or alive

age himself gave me wrinkles of wisdom while pain gave me experience




© 2014 soulesswriter

Author's Note

hope you guys like it its one of my originals

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I like the poem and like Bianca I also ponder my existence and the existence of others. What is our purpose and where do we go from here?

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Hmm… Other than a few misspellings and the missing of apostrophes(unless you had intended for it to be that way ._. according to my sister you can do that in poetry, which I know but I don't think you meant to did you?) anyways I like the poem, I myself have often pondered on the purpose of my existence and wondered why I am here.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

No I didn't mean for that:) lol I got to fix my poetry still I have stacks of papers with correction.. read more

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Added on January 22, 2014
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pico rivera, CA

hello i havent been able to write cuz my wifi is out but ill post stuff when i can I'm a teen who loves writing .im a guy And likes running to and writing.im a sophomore And loves to hang out with.. more..

 lost lost

A Poem by soulesswriter

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