200 meter sprint

200 meter sprint

A Poem by soulesswriter

what i feel during one of my many 200 meter sprints:)


Everything slows down in the next fifty second

Everything you never notice becomes visible the noise you were hearing suddenly muted

The perspiration of my breath becomes visible and every single grain of dirt becomes vivid

Everyone around you suddenly goes away I to nothingness and stay as a image in your head

Ideas and adrenaline begin to rush In and out of your brain

 My heartbeat begins to pick speed and sound

I hear a yell signaling us to prepare and get on the blocks

I bend down slowly and feel every speck of dirt on my fingers and see the white line in front of me

My respiration speed goes faster picking momentum even though we haven’t started

I lift my head to see my destination is only two hundred meters away

All my concentration is focused on one thing my speed and acceleration

The shot is fired and we start

The first step of the blocks gave me a good start and my spikes are helping me push of the ground

I feel my spikes push in the dirt with every step I take and I lose my focus

I panic and realized that I need to go faster because someone is passing me

I focus again and start regaining my form

I’m finally getting into the straight away and I see the crowd

All these eyes on me and my rival’s built up the tension in my mind

I butterflies in my stomach suddenly become my motivation to finish

I see the finish line and realize I’m feeling exhausted

I know I’m slowing down but I still try to accelerate my leg speed and I begin to pick speed

The blades of the grass seem to whistle to me and the wind whispers in my ear to go faster

I finally hear the crowd and realize there cheering for me and my team mates

I am fifty meters away from the finish line and I lose control of my body

I see myself and realize dam I’ve been doing this my whole life

I’ve been running away my whole life from my problems but they always seem to pass me

Kid next lane seems to get a burst of energy and is close to passing me

I realize all my life been is a sprint and I always come in second

Something sparks in my head my ambition becomes rage and furry

I gain control and run faster but not fast enough we got thirty meters left

I relive that this time it will be different because I’m use to it my rival s a newbie at running I speed up and barley make it to him and level out my sped in the last ten meter’s tilt my body and speed forward and bend my back so I lean over the finish line

I see the white chalk on the light brown dirt and notice I’m out of breath

I look up and wait for an eternity to hear who placed in the race

I notice my heart beat is beating faster than when I was running

I suddenly feel a little woozy and hear the intercom turn on finally

The voice says who placed first

I realized that the name he called was mine

I did it I made it I finally made it first 

© 2014 soulesswriter

Author's Note

plz give me your opinion and i hope you guys like it:)

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Added on January 24, 2014
Last Updated on January 24, 2014



pico rivera, CA

hello i havent been able to write cuz my wifi is out but ill post stuff when i can I'm a teen who loves writing .im a guy And likes running to and writing.im a sophomore And loves to hang out with.. more..

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