The Alien Thinks

The Alien Thinks

A Chapter by Debbie Barry

Written in 10th grade, a poem of teen angst.


The Alien Thinks


January 23, 1985

I was alone,
Or so I thought,
I never knew
Why it was.

I thought that I
Did not have friends,
But suddenly you're here.

You've always been

In my life.
But your friendship
I never saw.

You were there
When I needed you,
But you I couldn't see.

I saw your form,
But not your heart,
Not your feelings,
Not your Self.

Now I see you,
Feel your friendship;
Now I know
Why I met you.

Your friendship I need,
But your caring I crave.
Somehow you've given
Both to me.

I thought I was
All alone,
Now I see
That I was wrong.

But still I am
Lost and alone.
I still don't know
Where I belong.

Friends I made -
They turned on me.
I found love
And love I lost.

I learned to trust
And faith was broken.
I learned to care
And I was hurt.

But friends are not
The All of life.
Faith is good,
But not essential.

But caring we need,
E'en though it hurts.
I've learned to hide
My inner Self.

I've learned to stay
Away from all.
Friends I had,
But have no longer.

Trusts and faith
Have all been shattered.
I trusted one
And he betrayed me.

I'd faith in one
And he left me.
I've cared for one
And he hasn't known it.

I have loved one
And lost his love.
Of the friend you are
I know but little.

Of the friend you were
I know less.
Of the friend you will be
I can only dream.

One I know
Has pushed me to you.
She is always
Lost in dreams.

She knows nothing
Of our friendship,
Yet her words
Have reached my soul.

My soul friend
And soul brother
Is not as you are.

He knows my feelings,
But he can't read my thoughts.
I care for my soul mate,
But you are the only
One who can ever
Help me to feel.

No longer lonely,
No longer separate,
No longer friendless,
Because you are here.

I was alone,
Or so I thought.
Now not alone,
But now befriended.

© 2017 Debbie Barry

Author's Note

Debbie Barry
I wrote this when I was 16. Initial reaction appreciated.

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Added on November 7, 2017
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