A Chapter by Debbie Barry

Written in 10th grade. A poem about getting my life together.




February 4, 1985

My life was empty,
And had no meaning.
There was no purpose
To my existence.

And yet I worked
To exist longer,
And when I did
I was rewarded.

My life was empty,
My heart was bare.
I felt no pain
For I was ignorant.

My emptiness
Seemed natural;
I had no basis
For feeling hurt.

But of a sudden
My life was filled.
Bewildering emotions
Welled up in me;

I had found friendship
And seen my aloneness.
I had found love
And my heart pained me.

I had been desolate -
But I had not known it.
My life had been empty,
But my heart had not told me.

My friendships grew
And rose like they blossomed.
They spread and increased
To fill my whole being.

No longer was I
Empty and barren;
My heart was filled
And my soul inscribed.

Pain and sorrow,
But also gladness,
Were written there
For eternities.

Meaning suddenly filled my life.
I found purpose
For existence.

My purpose was then,
And must always be,
To live the life
I was given;

To make friendships
Of trust and faith.
To always try,
And sometimes fail.

But failure no more
Will harm my Selfness,
I've filled my life
And plan to use it
For the enjoyment
Of existence.

For existence
Is not life
If existence
Is bare and empty.

My existence
Was not life,
It filled with joy,
And life began.

I needed life
To fill existence,
To make existence
Seem worthwhile.

I needed life
To have purpose,
For existence
To have meaning.

My life was empty
And had no meaning.
There was no purpose
To my existence.

But since I worked
To exist longer,
Now my life
With meaning is filled.

My life is filled,
My heart is alive.
I can feel pain,
But my life needs pain.

For with my pain
Comes love and friendship.
With my pain
Comes the meaning of life.

I rejoice
In my awakening;
Awakened to joy
With understanding.

For I am myself;
Different, yet same.
I feel glad
At my awaking,
Now I've awakened
And become Human.

© 2017 Debbie Barry

Author's Note

Debbie Barry
I wrote this when I was 16. Initial reactions appreciated.

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