A Final Good-bye

A Final Good-bye

A Chapter by Debbie Barry

Written in 10th grade, after my best friend's suicide.


A Final Good-bye

April 24, 1985

My brother, my friend,
My hope, and my woe,
You were much more to me
Than you knew.

You were my All,
You were my Now,
You were my other Me
To the end.

We did not always
Agree on all things;
Often we warred
More than cared.

For all that, though,
I still care for you -
I know not why
You left us.

You left in a way
That never improves;
You left and caused pain
For us all.

You left with no word,
No thought, and no notes,
No hint to give comfort
To friends.

Just to know why
Would have sufficed,
Just to know how
You felt then.

I so want to know,
I want to be sure;
Your family needs someone
To know.

Your mother the worst
Was hurt by your act,
You made her then watch
Her dreams die.

Her life and mine
You shattered with yours;
The hopes of so many
Died with you.

The most caring soul
To be touched by your warmth
Was damaged and life-learned
In a rush.

Her life was good,
Untroubled by blood -
Either true blood, or blood
Of the heart.

Not since her infance
Had she been touched
By the terrible spectre
Of heartrending pain.

You, my dear brother,
Gave her that pain,
The pain that the eons
Don't cure.

That gentle soul
Was shattered by you,
Who had claimed her for love,
Without rival.

She never now smiles,
Or laughs lightly in joy;
Her heart's wounds
Never will heal.

My dearest love,
Give her some clue;
Let us find some sign
Of your thoughts.

And now, my friend,
I must bid you adieu,
For you left me as torn
As your love.

I must now dismiss you
From my thoughts and dreams;
I must fill up your place
With another.

To find any soul
To replace your spirit
Will never be easy to do
In completeness.

Never can there exist
Another like you;
Never will you be
Truly replaced.

So now I bid you
A final farewell,
And fill it forever
With love.

For Rick, with love. You will forever have a place in my heart. You left us far, far too soon.

© 2017 Debbie Barry

Author's Note

Debbie Barry
I wrote this when I was 16. Initial reactions appreciated.

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Added on November 7, 2017
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