A Chapter by Debbie Barry

Written in 10th grade, a poem of teen love.



June 8, 1985

The pain of nations,
The fall of kings,
The tears of angels,
Could not bring me down.

My heart is at peace,
My mind is in joy,
My soul through lush gardens
Is winding its way.

My joy is past knowing,
My love is fulfilled,
My future shines
As a million suns.

The past is forgotten,
The memories are saved,
The pain is enclosed
Between a book's leaves.

The present with wonder,
And inspiring music,
With fountains of colours
Swirls through my being.

The future is certain,
The fetters are loosed,
My life in this moment
Fills eons to come.

Bob's love is my joy,
My every wish granted,
The steadying force
In a turbulent life.

The birth of a lamb,
The burst of a bud,
The first drip of spring's dew,
Are in kind with my joy.

The building of mountains,
The carving of vales,
The roar of the river,
Have no awe left to them.

My love fills my life,
My life is my love,
In giddy cloud castles
I am soaring through life.

The touch of his arm,
The warmth of his face,
The light in his eyes,
I find in my mind's eye.

The sound of his voice,
The glow of his face,
The aura of love I feel,
Are like Heaven's own touch.

The pain of the nations,
The birth of a lamb,
The building of mountains,
Are eclipsed by our love.

The tears of the angels,
The first drip of spring's dew,
The roar of the river,
Move over for joy.

For Bob W., with love.

© 2017 Debbie Barry

Author's Note

Debbie Barry
I wrote this when I was 16. Initial reactions appreciated.

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Added on November 8, 2017
Last Updated on November 8, 2017
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