A Chapter by Debbie Barry

A story about experiencing a thunderstorm, written for ENG 1111: Composition 1.



September 24, 2008


          The sharply metallic tang in the air tingles on my tongue, leaving a coppery aftertaste.  On the distant horizon, flickering tongues of blue arc between the low, scudding mass of clouds and the darkly shadowed earth.  I nervously tug the sleeves of my favorite, worn, purple cardigan down over my hands as the wind soughs mournfully among the waving green and golden cornstalks.  My heart misses a beat and a sob catches in my throat for a moment as the deep rumble rolls across the plain.  Five seconds.  I take a steadying breath and wrap my arms across my chest, holding my sweater close against the chill wind that whips my hair across my face.

          Another flash of electric blue crackles between heaven and earth as the first drop splashes coldly on my face and runs down my cheek.  The inky, blue shadows between the cornstalks deepen as the indigo clouds race across the lemon yellow sky, blotting out the watery afternoon light.  My shoulders hunched against the rain, I search the horizon.  The patter and splash of fat, heavy raindrops is overtaken by a deep crash and boom.  Three seconds.

          The image on my snug, warm kitchen, just a few feet away beyond the closed door, beckons me in from the mounting tempest.  No windows face the west, though, and I must vigilantly scan the farthest edge of the growing storm.  Water trickles down through my hair and into my face.  The quickly saturated sweater is scant protection from the icy needles as the rising wind drives across the field and batters against me. 

          I jump as the sky is lit as bright as noontime by a huge, branching bolt of lightning.  “One one-thou…”  I don’t get to finish counting.  The porch trembles, the weathered boards creaking in protest, as the thunder cracks over my head, followed instantly by another searing flash and a roaring crash.  My eyes dart to the horizon one last time, and my heart pounds frantically in my chest, urging me to escape.  My mind barely registers the empty sky between corn and clouds, but it is enough.  I turn and flee before the wild onslaught, into the safety on the dry, cozy house, as the deluge beats relentlessly against the sturdy walls and tightly locked door.

© 2017 Debbie Barry

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Debbie Barry
Initial reactions appreciated.

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