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Holland's Hypothesis on Personalities

Holland's Hypothesis on Personalities

A Chapter by Debbie Barry

An essay about John Holland and personality. Written for PSY 202: Adult Development and Life Assessment.


Holland's Hypothesis on Personalities

October 5, 2009


John Holland hypothesized that an individual will fit into one of six predictable personality types, and that he or she will usually choose a vocation that matches his or her personality (Boyd and Bee, 105-106).  Table 4.1 lists the six personality types as realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional, and gives a brief description of each type (Boyd and Bee, 106).

From my experience in dealing with friends, family, and coworkers over the last two decades or so, I agree with Holland's hypothesis.  I have seen that the people who are the most successful and productive are those who work in fields which most closely match their personalities.  While anyone can do any job of which he or she is physically and mentally capable, he or she will tend to do substantially better at a job for which he or she is also suited by personality, or by temperament.

I have taken numerous personality tests through the years, usually associated with employment applications, with beginning volunteer activities, or with beginning educational activities.  Almost every test I have taken has had almost exactly the same result, placing me in Holland's artistic personality type with a lesser tendency toward Holland's investigative personality type.  I have found that these results are accurate, and that I do my best work in "unstructured, highly individual activity" (Boyd and Bee, 106), and that, to a lesser extent, I "prefer ambiguous, challenging tasks, but [am] low in social skills" (Boyd and Bee, 106).



Boyd, D., and Bee, H. (2006). Adult Development.  Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

© 2017 Debbie Barry

Author's Note

Debbie Barry
Initial reactions and constructive criticism appreciated.

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