[Short] The Apprentice and the Shadow

[Short] The Apprentice and the Shadow

A Story by Jones Crimson

Follow-up to previous encounter


The shadow, as only the girl knows her, has rather pale skin.  This is likely due to the fact that the shadow wears black robes and keeps her hood up at all times.  Of course, in her position, it is impossible for the girl not to notice this attire hides a very fit figure: fit enough to carry her against her will with no trouble at all.  Unusual that a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice would work so hard to conceal themselves; it was likely all a ploy to gain the essence of mystery.


The Shadow:  “So then, after I had scaled the wall of the building to catch back up to him, he showed me this spell that changes the way light bends on dark surfaces to imitate different colors and we went out to eat at his family’s restaurant.


Are you still listening?”


The Apprentice:  “I am an apprentice, I know nothing but my magic, please release me.


The Shadow:  “Is that your master’s idea of a defense against interrogation?  I’ll have you know I’m well versed in extreme torture.  I can literally tear your soul from the confines of your body, which basically feels like being cut into a billion pieces and set on fire while still alive.  Any questions?”


The Apprentice:  “I am an apprentice, I know nothing but my magic, please release me.


The Shadow:  “You’re incorrigible.  I might just have to keep you for myself.  What’s your favorite food?  No wait, don’t answer that.  I’ll just have to gauge your responses over the next couple of years.”


The apprentice is at odds with her situation.  Her teacher, who has always been quite unwilling to avoid a fight, has left her behind at the mercy of a stranger and without direction.  This situation is too sudden and new.  She is confused and nervous.  Is this woman someone to be feared or of some value?


The Apprentice:  “Why does he avoid killing you?”


The Shadow:  “I’ve asked myself that before.  It’s not because he cares about me.  I’ve been following him in one way or another for all of my adult life.  He is the unreachable goal that I strive towards.  I think that is why he avoids me.”


The Apprentice:  “So in other words you’re obsessed with becoming as strong as my master and would do anything to be a little bit closer to him?”


The Shadow:  “The way you say it makes me sound crazy.”


The Apprentice:  “You’re literally abducting me after chasing us through the streets, we are well past crazy: you’re completely unstable.”


The Shadow:  “Someday you will fall so deeply in love with something that nothing else matters and then you will understand how I feel.”


The Apprentice:  “I don’t think that’s going to be an issue for me.”


The Shadow:  “Why is it you think that?”


The Apprentice:  “I already know what it’s like to love a person, what you described is nothing but a fantasy born from your inability to accept reality and disregard for your own value.  If I were the master I would end your suffering.”


The Shadow:  “If the mage were so quick to disregard things of value just because they waste his time he would not be dragging you along on his travels to begin with.

Do you really think you’re some kind of legacy?  His path ends with blood and death of either him or his master.  The only legacy to uphold here is one of mercy.  How unfortunate that he has to endure a pointless task.”


The Apprentice:  “I am not a pointless task.”


The Shadow:  “I meant looking for the Crimson.  If he ever finds it, it will be over in a single moment for him.  Nothing stands against it.  Its better he dies sooner at my hand.”


The Apprentice:  “Nothing can stop my master.  Not you, not a king, not a warrior, and not even a god.  He will cut them all down in order should they stand between him and his ideals.”


The Shadow:  “What exactly are his ideals, then?”


The Apprentice:  “I feel it in his aura often.  He wants justice.”


The Shadow:  “He desires vengeance.  His endeavors are fruitless.  If you can talk, you can walk on your own as well.  Try to run and I’ll cut you down the middle.”


The shadow throws the girl to the cobble below and she scrapes her hands against the road.  It would take only a moment to heal the wound, but she has no time to fall behind.

© 2016 Jones Crimson

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Jones Crimson
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Added on October 1, 2016
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Jones Crimson


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