[Very Short] War God's Dream

[Very Short] War God's Dream

A Story by Jones Crimson

Just a musing I had recently.

The War God does battle.  He doesn't fight for territory, prosperity, or justice.  He has no motive or goals.  The War God dreams of an endless battle of sport.  Each hit he lands shatters the slate beneath him, and each time he is hit he is thrown back.

The War God cannot die.  He cannot be wounded.  He is not mortal, he is a force of the universe.  Both unstoppable and immovable, the War God is alone even among peers.  Boredom is the dreary life of a God with no purpose other than to fight, and with no fight to be had he is left to dream.  He dreams of a fight with a goddess and together they laugh as they play.  She smiles and giggles as she manages to pin him beneath her spear, and he exclaims his excitement as he kicks her aside and counterattacks.

Aliphorod: "Interesting that you would dream of Bastelous."

The War God's smile fades, and the dreamscape turns black.  No longer a horizon, only a void is left.

Sanconos:  "What brings you here, God of Wisdom?"

Aliphorod:  "I've been tasked by Bans to profile the gods of the inner circle.  Being the newest incarnation you're the only name currently on my list."

Sanconos:  "Yes, I dream of a war goddess Bastelous."

Aliphorod:  "She isn't a war goddess, though, so why do you dream of her?"

Sanconos:  "Because she is not a war goddess it is only here in my dreams that I may fight her.  Out there I have no one to fight and Bastelous, though she mocks me, is some one I cannot harm in good faith.

In here I can have everything I want.  I can honorably fight the one who vexes me and just as well I have some one like me to relate to."

Aliphorod:  "So you dream of hitting your enemies and in your dreams they smile and hit you back?  Hardly something you would hear from a god who claims dominion over others with brute force."

Sanconos:  "Perhaps if we were human we would be too petty to be pure.  However, we are gods, Aliphorod.  We can only be pure.  Perhaps we are pure honor or pure wisdom or even pure lust, but in the end the only weakness  in us is our hatred for ourselves because we can never change what we are."

Aliphorod:  "Never did I expect to be lectured by a War God."

Sanconos:  "Then let this be a lesson to you, Aliphorod.  When you tread in a War God's domain, you should always expect to lose the battle.  Do not let it become a war."

Aliphorod:  "Don't worry, I'll let you get back to your calling now.  Some one like you could never turn on Bans without a good reason."

© 2016 Jones Crimson

Author's Note

Jones Crimson
This is based on nothing, names made up on the spot, and will not be continued.

(unless you really want it to be, I guess.)

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Added on October 2, 2016
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Jones Crimson
Jones Crimson


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