Turn the Other Cheek

Turn the Other Cheek

A Poem by D Ray Van

“Hey, boy. Come here, boy.” Dem words stir fire inna ma soul.


“Hey, boy.

Come here, boy”


Dem words

stir a fire in

ma soul


I’s old enough

ta be his grandpappy,

yet he calls me, “boy”


Anger swells

inside o’ me


A whack or two wid a

belt will teach

him what’s right,

but the Good Book says,

“Turn da utter cheek”


But what’s

turnin’ a cheek

gonna git ya?


Slap on

da utter one,

that’s what


Been steppin’ and fetchin’

all ma life.  ‘Tweren’t

wees set free? 


Musta missed that somehow,

‘cause I ain’t never

seen real freedom


Stop complainin’ ya old fool.

Ya had a good life: wid

yo wife, yo kids, yo job, yo Lord.

Ain’t like dis lump o’ flesh,

all mean inside and hateful like


“Come here when

I call you, boy”


Doin’ thisn’ dat fer him, and

he don’t never thanks me, not once


I feeds him, bathes him, and wipes his butt,

still I’s ain’t his “boy”


Like dirt under his boot,

that’s all I’s to him


At times, I could rip his face off,

that’s when I needs ta pray


“Lord, take the hate

I feels in ma heart


“Yes, I knows ‘tis wrong,

but I feels it all the same


“Deep inside it hurts, Lord


“But he don’t knows no better,

raised that way, I guess, wid prejudices and such

yet I can’ts hardly stands it, what he says ta me


“I can walks away from him, but

he can’ts from me


“Ya see, he’s gots no legs, no arms, no mo’


“Lost them in Afghanistan, and

lost his wife too--she’s upped and walks away


“He’s gots no family neither:

parents been gone some time now


"And I ain’t much, Lord,

but I’s all he’s gots


“He’s angry at the whole

world, and I’s his whole world


“So Lord, help me show him

the love Ya shows me

when I needs Ya the most”

© 2018 D Ray Van

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Oh what a moving poem. This is a brilliant display of forgiveness and self restraint.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Added on March 3, 2018
Last Updated on March 18, 2018