This is evidence that Elvis is still alive:

This is evidence that Elvis is still alive:

A Poem by h d e rushin

The sailor suit that a young Steve McQueen wore in the "Sand Pebbles" was too tight
my sister is saying. Such passion, such breathing in; she who looks also desires. I want
to have such control of my next choice in lover. But
like everything else

most astrology is cruel. To think that planets
as whole ash are as the remains of dead bodies after cremation. I
am ashamed to admit that a seventies Elvis is = to a 60's Michael Jackson.
both identified by the worsted, pebbly textures covered with silk.

both unable to floss their teeth in the end or like me, unable to get to their
feet if knocked down. If pillowy stomachs are the indifference that holds
itself afloat, in regards to our previous discussion, we are left barebacked, without gloves.

Who knew that he had Black girls as his backup singers in round afro wigs and long sleeved
mini dresses like the Ike-etts? That I slipped in my fathers room to watch as their legs
twitched independent of sound while mother quartered a chicken to fry on the hot plate?

I watched an Elvis impersonator last night on PBS all the while thinking that white,
glittering pantsuits were as barbarous as humanity itself. Yet still beautiful and as cosmopolitan
as a long island iced tea between the weathercast of imaginary illusion.
Yeah, I said to myself, he kinda looks like him. But

life above all  else demands answers; accountability. In the court yard within the external
walls of "Burning Love", peace is slain as through the trickery of Loki by a mistletoe sprig.
I can admit today in August 2017, that I loved Elvis on the beach. His talk,

his black hair raced back like the bird I saw mimicking the balloonist brushing together wind
and vase shaped energies. Of his sudden life again, of his furniture and utensils
still sitting alone like a shade tree in a Graceland forest,

leaves of such hold no merciless truth. What oozed out from the confines of 60's morality is that
no one so crazy that drives the crowd to encircle the strip of existence could die.
And no one shall.

© 2017 h d e rushin

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There was a sci fi comedy over here called Red Dwarf. In one of the shows called Wax World Elvis was a soldier dressed in the ubiquious glittery suit on a world where wax entertainment droids had become self aware. For what its worth that came first to mind as I read this.
What came after was the sheer joy of reading your words again. The way you place each word as a brushstroke in a nostalgic painting. And I agree with our friend down there about the Loki masterstroke. Trickster as you are.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Ken Simm.

1 Year Ago

Smeeg heed, said Kryton!
Ken Simm.

1 Year Ago

And you are more than welcome dana in case you don't know what himself and I are using your space to.. read more
I don't know if anyone else would drop a Loki reference in an homage to Elvis (and I hope you were nodding to the 60's Saturday TV Loki, but I suppose that would make less sense), but how cogent, Elvis as aide de camp to the gods, and also slyly subverting them when he saw fit. Ah, only you.

Posted 1 Year Ago

h d e rushin

1 Year Ago

thank you high school my best friend was Carl Carlton "She's a Bad Mamma Jamma" ..yeah th.. read more

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h d e rushin
h d e rushin

detroit, MI

black american poet living in detroit. more..