A Poem by h d e rushin


mother found an empty bottle of Royal Canadian
under the seat cushion of the brown chair
in the room she has refused to enter
20 years after your passing.

that you are like the corn in September
and the psyllid
and the cutworm have already
torn into you. You

use to call out "dead man"
then smile as if we kid's
knew well
that empty meant that the man

was gone on from the burning hallways.
Or was drug from the teetering cliffs,
or that Coltrane was there with you
in that abstract hell place

old horn players and people
who drank so much in dark spaces
but hid their secrets in the tonality
of the blues or

in those many sequences with James Garrison
making ugly faces, in that darkened tower
where below the damsel is left
to howl alone.

This just came to me, so I thought
I would mention it, that mother is old now and
has forgotten how to cook. But s**t
like this makes
her recall you.

© 2017 h d e rushin

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This is so good. Feel of the city and real life. You make me see poor mother and the finding of the Royal Canadian club whiskey. Little things bring back the days of old. I enjoyed this poem my friend.

Posted 12 Months Ago

h d e rushin

12 Months Ago

thank you dearest Coyote.......and good Autumn to you my friend....dana
Coyote Poetry

11 Months Ago

Happy Autumn to you and you are welcome.
I'm a big fan of the epistolary, especially when it is mixed with valediction and departed fathers. In the hands of a lesser writer, this could have gone all weepy and hand-wringing. You are not, however, a lesser writer.

Posted 1 Year Ago

h d e rushin

12 Months Ago

thank you my dearest wk.....and good Autumn to you my friend....dana
in drink, he has forgotten himself---but in old age, she remembers what he became...forgets what he was...
and rapunzel is still up there, with her flowing hair, and no knight to rescue her from her memories of him...

Posted 1 Year Ago

h d e rushin

1 Year Ago

thank you Jacob....dana

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Added on September 16, 2017
Last Updated on September 16, 2017


h d e rushin
h d e rushin

detroit, MI

black american poet living in detroit. more..