Saturday Surprise - Adventure Game, "Anika's Odyssey"

Saturday Surprise - Adventure Game, "Anika's Odyssey"

A Story by dw817

Anika is going on an odyssey. Help her get her bunny back in this point and click adventure.Click to jump. (more)


Press CTRL = (equals) to increase the game size and CTRL - (minus) to decrease it - press F11 to maximize your screen

   Saturday Surprise    

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... Wait, didn't I just enter the hollow log from here ?  ...

* * *

This game is Rated: EVERYONE

Anika is going on an odyssey. Help her get her bunny back in this point and click adventure.Click to jump.

David's Dibs:

I see Rose on the morrow is why you are getting this game a day early.

Oh no ! That mean old eagle stole Anika's stuffed rabbit ! How are you going to get it back for her ?

The story starts out simply enough on a country farm but then Anika enters a world very much like Alice In Wonderland and it's up to her and her smart thinking to get back her bunny.

This is a Click Quest. Just click the mouse where you want to interact with an object or have Anika walk to.

A few hints, some areas can't be clicked until you are standing right next to them. Some areas may need to be clicked more than once. And some things you click may directly interact with the state of other things you clicked earlier. Always experiment.

If you are helpful to the kind forest creatures and curious about the things around you, then you will definitely solve this puzzle. You cannot die or get stuck either; there are no bad moves. The game lets you play till Anika retrieves her stuffed rabbit.

Once you get back her beloved bunny, you will still have to get Anika back home. Write if you get stuck and I will help you.

Note, this game like most flash programs may show you logos before the game begins. Unless you want to pop-up new company pages in your browser.

Wait until the white triangle appears in the fancy window. Click it and you are now playing.

Enjoi !


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