What Do You Dream ... ?

What Do You Dream ... ?

A Story by dw817

To me, this drug does expand consciousness. It does expand the scope of my dreams, and allow me to travel from one plane of existence to another.



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Lucid dreaming is defined as:

"A dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment."

I think VINA from Star Trek's pilot episode, "The Cage" words it best for lucid dreaming:

"It's a trap. Like a narcotic. Because when dreams become more important than reality, you give up travel, building, creating. You even forget how to repair the machines left behind by your ancestors. You just sit, living and reliving other lives left behind in the thought record."

And yes, they can be quite addictive.

Having been on the anti-psychotic Seroquel for several years now, I can attest what other people have said and agreed upon. That you will have the most vivid dreams ever imaginable. It's strange to say, but I can almost relate the drug to the SPICE MELANGE. Quoted from the movie DUNE:

"The most precious substance in the universe is the spice Melange. The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness. The spice is vital to space travel. The Spacing Guild and its navigators, who the spice has mutated over 4,000 years, use the orange spice gas, which gives them the ability to fold space. That is, travel to any part of universe without moving."

To me, it does expand consciousness. It does expand the scope of my dreams, and allow me to travel from one plane of existence to another. And unfortunately I think this does detract me from my work in programming at times.

Only recently have I found an alternative form of consciousness with it. In it, I can cleanly leave my body and examine the surroundings. The place is always the same. It is some type of beautiful abandoned golden palace with jewel-encrusted walls, and I am sleeping in a sumptuous bed with beautiful multi-colored pillows and blankets.

I go to explore and find myself alone amidst a great many wonderful antiques, numbered in the hundreds. One of my recent visits led me to a room where there were at least 40 full pianos, all beautifully preserved in dust. All with a unique sound to their own as I tried playing them.

This writing however is to detail some of the "superpowers" I've learned in my regular dreaming. Perhaps you can relate to some of these ?


I can flex my hand a particular way and attract small objects to it. Pennies, coins, keys, paperclips, and screws. It does not work for objects much larger than this.


By touching the ring finger on my right hand I can turn invisible. Unfortunately I still make noise when I move, so usually I use it to escape a monster or some other horror in my dream by tiptoeing away.


This is not so much something I enact as it is active always. For instance, at school when I am running away from bullies, I can jump right down the center of a flight of stairs, descend 4-floors in falling and hit the ground with no damage to my person.

This also works for mountainous peaks, shopping malls, and other places where I can free-fall a great distance.


The reverse of this is gravity can be almost canceled out completely. In this, I can jump straight up into the air, pretty close to one hundred feet. In my dreams I usually do this to show others that I am special and capable of being assigned a mission involving this superpower.

It can also be used to escape a danger.


There are two types to this. One of which is to get on the ground, tuck my hands beneath my legs and I will float a short distance above the ground. Using my fingertips I can greatly accelerate on smooth surface floors like in a shopping mall.

It does not work so well in wooded or grassy areas.

The second type is to find a piece of wood or something small like a broken toy. I can place it beneath me and it is like a motor and can be used to circumvent traffic on a freeway, not going much faster than 45mph. It is still a useful skill.


The next superpower can be kind of nasty, but has proven to get me away from bullies and monsters. I can dive directly into a sink or toilet at school, swim, and arrive in an unknown different location, usually free of people.

Unfortunately, it is quite vivid and I can see all the sludge and filth and sometimes have to squirm and wallow past it to get to where I am going. I don't use this superpower very much as sometimes I am so disgusted I wake up retching.


This superpower is almost always reserved for "showing" bullies and bad guys that I am not to be trifled with. I can punch a wall anywhere, school, mall, any other building, and the entire structure will shake for several seconds with the hit. Usually whoever is oppressing me will back away in fear.


There's a good chance it's a lot easier for you to fly in your dreams than me. It's really quite tricky the way I do it. I have to have my arms straight out and then make concentric circles with my hands. The problem is I don't get much higher than 14-16 feet off the ground.


This one is a little easier to do and can shoot me way up into the air. During a storm in a dream with high winds, I can hold my arms out to it and it will catch and thrust me straight up into the air.

The disadvantage is I have no control over height or directions. Sometimes the wind only lifts me a few feet up still making me an easy target for someone or something chasing me.


I try very hard not to get into fights with people, but if I do I can pick them up by their feet and smash them against the ground, bashing their brains out. I don't like doing this and usually after each hit I question my assailant, "Are we done ?"

Sometimes it takes 4-5 solid smashes of their head against the concrete before they concede we're done fighting.

. . .

The next few superpowers warp reality of my dream at a very high level, and as such, nightmarish consequences can and often do result when I make use of them.


You would think teleporting from one place to another is not a problem. Well, it's a great effort for me to do so, and even when I do, it leaves ripples in reality tracing my course. These are razor sharp edifices floating in air that cut anyone who comes into contact with them with nightmarish and horrific results.

I have not found a way to teleport without leaving jagged gashes of space behind me.


This a tricky one to master. If I want "bad" weather, I hold both fists out in front of me, turn the left one counter clockwise in a loop and the right one clockwise. I jerk my hands down to "force" the sky to get dark with rain and storms. Usually creating bad weather has no adverse effect on my reality.

To reverse it. I place my hands out palm up and push "up" to force rain and bad weather to be removed from the sky.

But doing so can create problems, however, as before the storms leave, weird pink lightning can appear and start to incinerate anyone who is outside turning the dream into a gruesome and bloody nightmare.


I can touch my middle index finger on the right hand and according to how long I hold it, I can reverse time. For instance, to recover something that got broken or to bring someone back to life.

This particular superpower though is almost always a bad idea. Using it warps all of reality. After the effect it can sometimes be seen by people's faces starting to melt, bleeding as if everyone had gun wounds, eerie moaning from people, and strange amorphous creatures crawling out of the ground and devouring people with bones crunching and people screaming.

There are times in my dreams when I am not aware I am asleep but do know of this technique. As it almost always ends badly. While in early dreams it always worked perfectly, now it seems to be a bad thing.


This is not so much a skill as something that is active constantly. I can dive to any depth in any body of water or any distance out in space and breathe normally as I do on dry land.

. . .

I've gone over some of the abilities I can have in my dreams. What follows now is a list of "constants" that almost always appear in my universe of dreams.

[1] Bullies, bad guys, or monsters can appear directly behind you, even if you have run a great distance. It is nothing for them to cover the leagues. This invariably winds up in a fight.

[2] It is nearly impossible to get to a particular height in the sky to avoid someone or fighting because in my dreams there are electric wires interlacing the sky. Touching these wires burns into your skin and are difficult to pull free from.

If there are no wires, there is something - always something in the way to prevent against this. It could be a weird type of building on top of a building and I reached the solid ceiling, or something similar.

[3] Elevators are deadly. If I take an elevator to anywhere, there is a high probability it will fail and crush around killing me in a gruesome visage or moving metal and turning gears.

[4] Escalators are also deadly. Trying to ride one of them invariably catches my feet and grounds me up to a meaty paste. Usually when I see an escalator, I try one of my superpowers that lets me jump really high to get around it.

[4] Worms. Any worm ever seen, really from anywhere, immediately starts to grow in size and danger. It is up to me to squish it as quickly as I can before it fills up a room and eats me.

[5] Spiders. Any area that has fauna or tropics with high trees above me. If I look at them, they are usually covered in spiders, which jump down from the branches to attack and bite me on the face.

[6] Purchasing items with correct currency is very rare. In a dream where I want to buy something, usually all I have in my pockets and wallet are receipts and things that may look like money but usually aren't. Sometimes rarely I will find gold coins and that will work for a single purchase.

[7] Computers rarely function. Anytime I come across a computer it is locked up in some virus mode where angry messages appear all over it and ad windows keep popping up preventing the CPU from registering the mouse or keyboard.

[8] Hand-held video games are incredibly primitive. They function much like the early LED games from Radio Shack and few if any ever have a digital display. Usually it is small pictures on paper that flip over to show a new "game" scene. Not even a first generation Gameboy can be found.

[9] Oftentimes the "government" is after me. As I have such a repertoire of super powers, showing them off sometimes will call in these agents to try and catch me and bring me to an underground base where I'm experimented on.

[10] Many times I cannot see the face of someone if they are especially evil and chasing after me. Instead there is like a blurred mess with no discernible facial features. Usually if I see that in someone, I have to get away as quickly as I can or be killed by them.

[11] Any 18-wheeler, van, or trash truck that is within eyesight is always going to be after me. I must use my ability of super jumping often to get away from them. What usually happens is very quickly I'm placed in a bad area, like inside a factory with a bunch of dangerous machines and these vehicles are intent in running me over.

[12] Holding anything in a large amount, like a plate full of food in a cafeteria or a bag full of toys. Unless I am focusing right on them, they somehow get stolen from me and by the time I look again, I am missing a great number of whatever I picked up.

[13] Written articles are sometimes garbled. It is not so much a disjointing of letters as pure gibberish. Usually when I see this, I am aware I am dreaming and can act accordingly.

[14] A little strange but about in half of my dreams, toilets and urinals are not there. There is instead a hole in the ground, a broken bunch of porcelain, or some type of strange artistic water fountain creation.

. . .

Only recently (this month) have I tried the method that others have talked about where you pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming. I am happy to say it works quite well. You can't feel any pain no matter how hard you pinch yourself in a dream. When there is no pain, you know you are dreaming, and can act accordingly.
. . .

That about highlights the major points in dreams I can remember.

What do you dream ?

Do you have similar superpowers or something entirely unique ?

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