The Dutch Auction - "Loaded PSP & Carry Case" (07-24-17)

The Dutch Auction - "Loaded PSP & Carry Case" (07-24-17)

A Story by dw817


(updated 08-07-17, new video below)

I have a Google Tablet with a big screen so - there is no need for me to keep it and my PSP.

So what is a PSP ?

The Playstation Portable (PSP) is a handheld game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan. Development of the handheld was announced during E3 2003, and it was unveiled on May 11, 2004, at a Sony press conference before E3 2004.

The system was released there on December 12, 2004, in North America on March 24, 2005, and in the PAL region on September 1, 2005. It primarily competed with the Nintendo DS, as part of the seventh generation of video games consoles.

The PlayStation Portable was the most powerful portable system of its time when launched, just after the Nintendo DS in 2004. It was the first real competitor to Nintendo's handheld domination, where many challengers, such as SNK's Neo Geo Pocket and Nokia's N-Gage, failed.

Its GPU encompassed high-end graphics on a handheld, while its 4.3 inch viewing screen and multi-media capabilities, such as its video player and TV tuner, made the PlayStation Portable a major mobile entertainment device at the time.

Retail configurations

PSP Core Pack launch prices
Country Release price Release date
Australia A $349.95 September 1, 2005
India ₹ 19,990
September 1, 2005
United Kingdom £ 179.99 September 1, 2005
Canada CA $229.99 March 22, 2006
Europe € 199.99 March 22, 2006
United States US $199.99 March 22, 2006
Chile CLP $169,990 April 4, 2008

This particular model I have is a used one, it's not new. The screen is scratched a little and there are a few very small specks of dirt inside the screen - however it has also NOT been formatted.

VIDEO #1 (please view full-screen, 480p)

VIDEO #2 (please view full-screen, 720p)

VIDEO #3 (please view full-screen, 720p)

(Youtube didn't like video #2 with the potpourri of sounds I had in it and wouldn't let me post there. So I used a different video server).

You can get this for yourself, for a friend, or even as a gift to someone.

A guilty pleasure indeed to have a system that fits in your pocket and can play all of Atari 2600, 8-Bit Nintendo, Master Sega, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, Game Gear, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Sony Playstation 1, and Pocket Sony Playstation.

As well as a TXT and PDF reader, a Mp4 movie and video player, a WAV, Mp3, WMA music player, a JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG image viewer, a CBR comic book reader, and a rare MOD, S3M, and IT music player.

Because this is a non-formatted system, all the files, media, and programs, games, and utilities I've exhaustively collected over the past 10-years are installed on it will be and are all intact and included in this package.

This means thousands of video games are already included (see list below), a few sample videos, a few digital comic books, 31 music folders, and many eBook format files including the Bible and 151 Aesop Fables.

To change any of the files, you can use any standard USB to micro or the plug included with it. Merely plug it directly into your computer and a new drive will appear. From there you can add, remove, change, and backup anything you want.

Unplug and the PSP is ready to go with the new files.

One serious advantage of this device over a tablet is that it includes a true 4-arrow key input on the left. 4-command buttons on the right, Circle, Cross, Triangle, Square, and down below, Start, Select, Volume down, volume up, Screen adjust, Sound adjust, and Mode.

So it is perfect for action or arcade games that are difficult or impossible to play on a touch screen. And it's about the size of a regular Android cellphone, so it'll go in your pocket.

I must note that the LEFT disc (that controls fine movement) is not there and is taped over. When I opened the hardware to change from a scratched up screen to a clean one, I must've damaged something there and it won't work right.

The good news is that particular control is not needed at =ALL= for any of the below - and I have applied a system patch to the unit which bypasses reading it altogether now - so no application will recognize nor require it.

The screen size is about the length of your thumb joint to tip and end of your extended index finger. I'll post a thorough video Monday so you can see the specs.

This device is also completely hacked and stocked with goodies - quite thoroughly. Normally you purchase game cartridges or movies for it that go in the top slot - and nowhere else.

I have since installed a new hacked operating system on it and that slot is now just a pocket I put a paper sleeve in it to carry extra SD cards for the device if necessary.

All of the contents are now being read from an included 8GB SD card that is inserted on the side and covered over with a protective door that is part of the PSP 1000.

This external card slot was originally and normally used to carry only saved games and media - now, it contains just a bit of everything.

As I used to write video games for a living years ago, I have always and deeply been fascinated by any and all video games from every single console ever made.

Because of this, you also won't need to download any games for this device, like EVER. I've found these on the Internet over the past 10 years and have since had them fully installed already.

They are great research for anyone interested in learning about or playing vintage video games.

This includes the emulators that run perfectly for this device.



If you're not familiar with what an emulator is, it allows you to run older games on newer model hardware. One of the distinct advantages of an emulator allows the player to SAVE STATE and LOAD STATE. You can play a game, anywhere, anytime, and then SAVE STATE.

This records every single thing in the game you've played up to that point. Then you can exit out, turn off the power, whatever. Turn it back on, bring back up that particular emulator. Load that particular game. Then LOAD STATE and it goes right back to where it was - no need to save game ever. And it's lightning fast. Takes most about 1/2 a second to save or load state.

You can also search for and add cheats like from Game Genie or Gameshark. You can use auto-fire ability, and run the systems slower or faster at your choosing. Additionally the emulators takes full advantage of the larger scale pixels of the PSP and creates a better appearance. Any configuration to match the screen or PSP keys I have already done, so you don't need to fidget with any of the settings.

The Nintendo 8-bit emulator for this device is also unique and has a REWIND function, that is, you can play and if you fall into a pit, drive off the road, or something, you could hold down the rewind button (left trigger) and the system will actually run in reverse giving you a chance to try that maneuver again. Also Load/Save state.

Here is the list of files, emulators, and games I'm leaving on it for you:

[1] Atari 2600 w 1244 games, including recent (year 2000+) homebrews. You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

[2] 8-Bit Nintendo w 4659 games (including MANY Japanese to 100% English patched carts never released in the U.S.)
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

[3] 16-bit Super Nintendo w 151 games (including some Japanese to 100% English patched carts never released in the U.S.)
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

[4] Master Sega w 468 games.
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

[5] Sega Genesis w 933 games.
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

[6] Nintendo 64 w 1 game, you can add more but they're big in size.
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

[7] 8-Bit Black & White Gameboy w 193 games.
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

[8] 8-Bit Color Gameboy w 802 games.
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

[9] Sega Game Gear w 412 games.
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

[10] Gameboy Advance w 164 games (many have cheat menus and some are Japanese to 100% English patched carts never released in the U.S.)
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

Sony Playstation1 w 2 games, you can add more but they're often big in size. You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

[12] Native Sony Pocket Playstation format w 1 game, you can add more but they're often big in size.
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

In addition to these games, also installed on it is:

Text & PDF (Book) Reader w 20 Truetype Font selections I added and a collection of installed stuff to read, Arthur C. Clarke, Bible, Aesop's Fables (151), etc. You can certainly add your own files as easy as .TXT and .PDF.

Picture viewer, internal. Uploaded photos and pictures should be no bigger than 480x272 pixels, the resolution of the device, or they'll appear off the edge.
You can remove, backup, or add any you want, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP.

Comic Book Reader
w 4 sample old comic books (reads .CBR files, automatically scales to screen size). Download more off the net if you like. Read comics normal or rotate unit to see tall pages.
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

Audio (music player) w 31 folders of albums & various collections (WMA, Mp3, WAV) includes old 45 RPM stories for kids and some early audio podcasts. Has a simple image visualizer for the music too if you like.
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

Video (movie player) w 2 samples: 1 music video (3min), 1 Japanese music concert (2-hr, 48min .Mp4).
You can remove, backup, or add any you want.

Rare vintage MOD music player. Plays .MOD, .S3M, and .IT. These came out prior to the founding of Mp3. Includes 8 folder collections. Find more on the Internet and remove, backup, or add any you want.

This PSP comes with a lanyard strap and the plug charger. The charger plugs into the USB and has two outs, one is the electric plug to recharge the PSP, the other is to plug in to your computer to access the entire 8-GB card (how you add/rename/move/delete games, emulators, music, movies, comic books, books, etc).

A full charge gives you 6-hours of movie viewing time. Reading an eBook text file or PDF obviously gives you a lot more system time.

And yes, you don't have to keep any of the games or files I've collected if you don't want to. Simply plug the USB in to your computer and delete or backup to your computer what you don't want the unit to have and install the new stuff you do want.

If you took all the games out, for instance, with the included 8gb SD-Card, you could have about 12 full-length Mp4 movies on the go or hundreds of audio albums w 20+songs to each album at 4-minutes apiece per song.

The 2nd item included as a bonus is the carry case I've been using for it, also for about 10-years.

I've taken very good care of it. It is a nice carry case, ample space, black, with a primary zipper pocket on front to put your PSP and cable. An extra zipper pocket up front for your keys, pills, and other small items. A slot directly in the back for flat items like coupons, notepads, or pens or pencils.

I also fixed up the side so it can carry sunglasses of any size.

It's still got labels on the inside of the case and is made by FELLOWES. Attached to it is a carry strap the length coming down to your waist, adjustable, with a shoulder reinforced grip.

. . .

The way a Dutch Auction works is:

[1] The item being sold is initially offered at a very high price.
[2] The price is lowered in decrements until a bidder accepts it.
[3] Bidder who accepts the current price wins the auction.
[4] They then pay that decided price for the item.

Okay, so how will that take place here ? We'll start the offer at a very high price, $300, and the price will be lowered in decrements of $10 each day until a bidder accepts it.

This is done by anyone can write me private message in NEXT DOOR, saying "I would like to buy it at this price."

But be certain to also include the price in your message from the table below to me as part of your commitment - and I will verify it. If you do not include the price in your message, I cannot accept your bid.

Also, If I am not here (like visiting my sister in the country), or there are 2 or more consequential bids on the same day, when I return I will see who bid FIRST and accept that person's selection. So the early bird gets the bell !

If there are no bids and the price goes down to $50 for this particular selection, much like Disney does with their films, the next day these 2-items will be placed in the VAULT to return at an undisclosed date.

Here is handy chart to help you with the current auction that is taking place NOW (07-24-17). You can press CTRL-D from here to add this to your bookmarks so you can refer to it in the following days.

.. July 24 ... Monday .... $300 (OPENING BID)
.. July 25 ... Tuesday ... $290
.. July 26 ... Wednesday . $280
.. July 27 ... Thursday .. $270
.. July 28 ... Friday .... $260
.. July 29 ... Saturday .. $250
.. July 30 ... Sunday .... $240
.. July 31 ... Monday .... $230
.August 01 ... Tuesday ... $220
.August 02 ... Wednesday . $210
.August 03 ... Thursday .. $200
.August 04 ... Friday .... $190
.August 05 ... Saturday .. $180
.August 06 ... Sunday .... $170 
.August 07 ... Monday .... $160
.August 08 ... Tuesday ... $150
.August 09 ... Wednesday . $140
.August 10 ... Thursday .. $130
.August 11 ... Friday .... $120
.August 12 ... Saturday .. $110
.August 13 ... Sunday .... $100
.August 14 ... Monday .... $90
.August 15 ... Tuesday ... $80
.August 16 ... Wednesday . $70
.August 17 ... Thursday .. $60
.August 18 ... Friday .... $50
.August 19 ... Saturday .. (RETURNED TO VAULT Aug 18 midnight)

So you can see that today, if you wanted to buy this item for instance, you would agree to pay $300 cash (no check, money order, or credit card). Tomorrow, if it's still there and there were no bids, you could buy it for $290.

After midnight August 18th, however, the item is removed from the block and placed back in the vault, and a new item or set of items will be listed the following Saturday and detailed on Monday.

In your correct bid for this item, however, I will reply back to you with my thanks and include my home address and phone number. You can then call me on the phone - contact me for a good time for pickup and I will have the items ready for you to pick up then.

I will also publicly announce the winner (you !) and the bid that was chosen.

If you have any questions, especially technical ones about the device itself or the programs on it, feel free to ask me back at NEXT DOOR. I want you to be completely satisfied with and enjoy this pocket console marvel for many years to come. 

© 2017 dw817

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