How have you been?

How have you been?

A Story by Therene

Dear friends,

I touched the keyboard of my computer. It felt so tell you the truth, I haven't been near a personal computer in a month's time. A laptop, maybe. A gamer's console, yes. An editor's platform, all that. I lost my life to those things in the past few weeks.

You see, it has all been hazy. When a person travels a lot and forgets the real purpose of life, it gets nasty upon realization. I think life forgot to put my breaks in. I tried, yes I have, to hold on what was left of me, to live by what was expected of me, and to walk simply with my own feet. That seemed impossible after living in various places in the past two months.

To meet the world's ends, that was the initial plan, to which I failed. You don't just kiss a rock and leave when you are visiting a place. Each and every sight is embedded into your soul as a souvenir. Pictures, you can take lots of it. Videos, it'll stream the internet for months. Blogs, ah! The modern wonders.

It is quiet natural for humans to enjoy the moment: the natural socializing beasts inside us growls at the sight of a bait. We run the shores of that beach and savor the moment with old and new-found friends. We sing and dance like no one is watching. WE become more shameless more than ever...but to this, how have you been?

Does the present situation conform to the past few weeks? I hope it does for you. As for me, I'll rage against.

Have a good day.

© 2010 Therene

Author's Note

It's unfinished. But if you feel like reviewing it, go ahead.

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Your story says to me how busy you are... no time for yourself or for the things YOU want to do. I understand putting the needs of the many ahead of your own.
Its hard to carve out time for yourself but very important.

It's cool, I liked it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

The first couple of sentences are just a bit confusing when you are talking about personal computers. Are you still talking about what you haven't been near or what you have...
Anyways, I like how each sentence creates a different image, even as you are talking of roaming the world, every sentence does that. Nice insight into humanity. Well written.

Posted 8 Years Ago

It seems very reflective. I like the flow of the story, it has these thoughts to it that seems tender yet incomplete. I would love to read the complete story. Well expansion, anyway.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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