You wouldn't want to know what this is.

You wouldn't want to know what this is.

A Story by Therene

“Sup y’all?” A tall guy with a slight Texan accent peered over a petite figure slouched on a desk in the dark.

“Stuff,” a dainty voice came out from the small figure. The graceful movement of her arms or the delicate clicking of the keyboard gave away much of what she was doing. To say the least, she was typing at the speed of 105 words per minute; a fairly fast speed for the generation X.

“Work?,” The man, although still with a teenage built, a man nonetheless, extended his neck with a lot of curiosity in his eye to have a clearer view of the monitor.

“Derek, wear your glasses. And no, this isn’t really work. I’m just finishing up the script for my YouTube story.” The figure turned around to face the man. The light revealed a girl, presumably Asian judging by her skin color. Streaks of gold embellished her dark brown hair which elegantly framed her face. Her slightly kinky eyes, even behind her own spectacles, evidently curled up to her expression of delight. She handed him a carrying case, gave him an adorable smile, and returned to her computer.

“Whoa! Is that my name, Bree?” Derek exclaimed as he fixed the rim of his glasses. He straightened his back and squinted to get a better focus. Even if the desk was in the standard measurement, his height of 6 foot and 2 inches proved the distance far enough for viewing. He pulled a revolving chair beside Bree and rested his chin on her shoulder.

“Ummm…your hair is kinda heavy, love.” He gave him a quick peck on the cheek before giving his head a gentle shove. For a second, he stayed away and then he buried his chin deep into her clavicle. “Hey! That tickles…” she screamed through her laughter.

“Shhh…we’re gonna get complaints again.” Derek ruffled her hair and placed a finger on her lips. “For the record, not a single neighbor ever complained about my screaming. It’s those countless sausage fest you guys keep on having.” Bree stuck her tongue out.

“…and you were supposed to tell us what not to do.” He winked at her at which she quickly dejected with a tender slap in his face. “I am not your mother, Derek.” She gave a small laugh. “You’re too little to be my mother.” He kissed her forehead and gave her revolving chair a spin. “Really, Derek. I should finish this.” She grabbed his arm to stop the chair and turned to face the computer screen.

“Through the years, you haven’t made a script for me.” Derek spun her around and pouted his lips. “Adorable human being, you can manage on your own. Besides, we’re good with spontaneity. A script usually inhibits you.” A sly smile drew across her face before she turned her back on him. Behind two pairs of eyeglasses, the bluish glow couldn’t mask the playful gleam in their eyes.


Meet Derek Jones and Breanna Rodriguez.

For more than two years now, they’ve been living under one roof. Sharing the life of internet fame and adventure, these two have become one of the most famous couples over the internet. Their works varies from daily vlogs, sketches, song production, product review, beta testing, to movie appearances.

Derek, as the fundamental web star of this couple, nabbed title roles in major collaboration all over the internet. Even though the internet constantly grows with new trends coming and going, He and his friends managed to stay on top.

Bree, on the other hand, is a professional scriptwriter. At the age of 18, she moved to the US for her Summit sponsorship. After her six months sponsorship, she accepted the both contracts Disney and Google offered her. Her partnership was proven a good decision after steadily landing one of the highest spot in new media for her contributions on blogging, beta testing, and product and software review.


Together, they star in their own lives published daily on the internet. They are currently on the top 5 most watched couples. From their daily routine to special occasions, they do not disappoint their viewers with their outgoing personalities.




“That’s yours. Do you have a shoot tonight?” Bree’s candle-like fingers pointed to the top shelf. The cell phone didn’t seize to vibrate as the backlight turned off.

“Not that I know of."

© 2010 Therene

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This is interesting...gramatically it hurts my eyes, but I don't really want to stop reading.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Ahh nooo. Incomplete works break my heart. Its pretty good so far. A very interesting start. I would really like to read more =]

Posted 8 Years Ago

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