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Wrote this after hearing that the Canadian Government spent more on feeding prisoners than they did on pensioners


What if we had it all wrong?

No God, no Mohammed, no Allah, no Buddha, no Ying or Yang, no Shiva, no Zeus, no Science, no Existence?

What if this was all wrong?

What if this was nothing?

Some sim game played by E f*****g T

What would you do?

What will you do when we have destroyed it all?

No trees, no ozone, no coffee, no fresh water, no flowers, no ice, no natural flavours.

Whatever does that mean?

Is sawdust a natural flavour?

Rat poo, goose pee, meal worms, dead seagull sperm.

Is natural real?

What is real?

Are the birds singing in the tree, while you’re looking at the mirror reflecting in the mirror, while shaving?  Running the shower cold just because some energy company wants you to conserve energy, and then realize the profit margin is starting to shrink.  So they jack up the prices so the government makes more taxes, while raising the taxes of the middle class so they can’t afford to live and have to buy a cardboard condo while our Prime minister runs his car to keep the air conditioner going enjoying his multi-million dollar kickback from some huge business that’s just going to jack up their consumer prices.  Filling the government tax coffers, thanks to taxes.

What if there was no tax?

What if we only paid as much as the government?

What if we didn’t like the fact that the government was not doing a good job?

Could we demote them?

Could we fire them?

Revoke their fat a*s pensions, while the real people of this country eat cat food because that’s all they can afford?

What if the government spent more on feeding the old than they did on the dumbass criminals?

What if I were to go to jail for treason because of what I just said and ate $11 worth of food a day while your grandmother only got $6.50?

Why not kill anyone over 80 and get it over and done with?

What if everything that bared our national symbol on it had to be made here instead of China?

The government would get more taxes, but then again we wouldn’t be able afford to buy it.

Buy a flag and starve for a week.

What if the government woke up from their torrid love affair of being the pimps of the citizens of this country and realize they have it all wrong?

What if?

© 2011 eatmills

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I really like political/activism kind of pieces, in fact that's one of the issues I have with Canadians, we are kinda so easy-going politically. Though the Montreal students did kinda have a riot yesterday about our tuition fees going up for Uni. I wish there were more anarchists in Canada.

I guess it means our life is good that we don't have so many? This isn't China or Russia, I guess, but still I'm majorily not into the Conservative party.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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