Breaking The Ice

Breaking The Ice

A Poem by ellemorell

Dissecting of selves with blades of sharpened truth,

time alone won't heal these wounds.

Picking angry scabs to expose the hurt below.

The warm elixir of pride, swallowed.  
Honesty that stings like a slap to a child,

dissolving stubborn stains of spilled denial. 
Devils made friends, though hell this may tempt,

for better the devils you know, in the end.
Fumbling through darkened streets of contempt,

until dawning light on horizon is met. 
Fighting for understanding, forgiving for fighting.

Fight to keep sight of what the true plight is.

But bruises these are, just bruises, not scars,

our complexions are temporarily marked.

Paradigms taken to battle and sleighed.

Trails blazed and new paths laid. 

These roads can be lonely and not always paved

but this is how healed hearts are made.


© 2017 ellemorell

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"Dissecting of selves with blades of sharpened truth..."... a fine line to start a piece with!

What you write of here is infinitely true; whenever we stumble in life, are abandoned, fall prey to betrayal, lose love, by whatever means, we do tend to delve deeper inside ourselves to heal and grow into the person we are mean't to become. But in order to grow, we must confront the harsh truth; suffer it's bruises and it's pain and endure its baptism of fire. Only then will we heal, grow and be reborn ever brighter.

Your piece is very well worded with some fantastic lines throughout and with a positive message reached upon it's conclusion. Small note: slayed, or if past tense intended, slew.

A very nice piece of writing, 'elle. Profound and mature. Well Done.

Posted 1 Year Ago


10 Months Ago

I must be going mad! I have not seen this review, Doodley. Thank you!!
This is how healed hearts are made.....this is so true
Your words are deep and rebellious. This is such a liberating piece about the pain we endure great job. Thank you for sharing

Sheer Terror

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

And thank you for reading & connecting.
TerryDarcy-Ryan   akaSheerTerror

1 Year Ago

your are welcome

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