Queen Of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts

A Poem by ellemorell

To the edge we went
To the void beyond which we’d be non existent
To the horrizon
Where love meets indifference

I took my off my cloak to feel the cold
I tried to drown it out, played the music loud
I hurt in silence and silence hurt you
My poker face has slipped askew

A game of cards this life reflects
Some you chose, others you just get
There's a thousand ways to play your hand
To fail or victorious stand

A thousand words to reach the truth
A thousand wrongs leave residue
But then it happened we broke through
We are still here Me and You

In my complicated heart I know
That I contribute to your sorrow

And I'm sorry
There's an extra card in my hand
And I'm breaking
The rules of the game as it stands

But I desperately hope in my optimistic mind
That love can conquer all in time

© 2017 ellemorell

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Reads to me like a kind of apology, 'elle.

Hand in hand with another, to the edges of Love's abyss. Love seemed to be defeated but with tenacity and understanding hearts, perhaps it has been saved.

I like the idea of playing your hand in this crazy game of life and love, and always keeping an ace up your sleeve. For that ace can win you the game.

A nice write. Gently apologetic and tinged with both sadness and hope.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on October 26, 2017
Last Updated on December 18, 2017



Melbourne, Australia