The Last of the Great Wars

The Last of the Great Wars

A Poem by CircusNerd

The gleaming sun, fiercely wanton, broke over the dim horizon

Sending forth demonic shadows across the battle’s shore

Soldiers groggily rose to stand, overlooking the sanguine, desolate land

As generals spoke of matters at hand �" they spoke of nothing more

Grasping their heads in blunt frustration, they spoke of all this gore

And “all this bloodshed and the war!”

As the day went on, bleak and gray, splats of red droplets sprayed

Decorating the nurturing earth with the stains of war

God from above peered down, upon his face a blatant frown

As soldiers battled for treasure, the diadem of folklore

For sanguinity and riches and pointless, violence galore

For “all this bloodshed and the war!”

Achilles, from the Underworld, watched these events unfurl

Shocked by the bitter harshness each soldier bore

He saw them fall one by one �" “It’s clear their lives are well and done”

For this futile fighting they would have Hell’s wrath to endure

An end they did not consider but would regret forevermore

From “all this bloodshed and the war”

Storm clouds gathered overhead, grieving for mercy dead

As crows and vultures fell upon the fallen of the war

Beasts with bloodlust in their breasts tore each bloke to puny shreds

As all sense of humanity fell dead among the gore

As man and beast merged into one and fought upon all fours

Numb to “all this bloodshed and the war!”


Old oracles subdued their cries, sadness spurring in their eyes�"

Gathering their memories and rushing out the doors

Crashes from the battlefield caused even cavalry to reel

As darkness marked the final front of this horrid war

Accompanied accordingly by madness from its core

Through “all this bloodshed and the war!”  

© 2010 CircusNerd

Author's Note

An English assignment inspired and based on Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"

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very nice work
great allusion to the Illiad
I agree with dudeman, great writing sad topic, but all true
amazing job here Bhav

Posted 7 Years Ago

You did a very good job, especially with the rhyme scheme. I feel guilty for enjoying this one; you speak some very sad truths.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on November 10, 2010
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Nerdsville, PA

Guess it's time to finally update this thing:) Hello there! I'm Bhavana! I'm obnoxious, outspoken, and a bit insane :) Lets101 Quizzes - fun Myspace quiz more..

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