#Crystal Clear II #

#Crystal Clear II #

A Poem by Mirror

Poem Written by Matthew Kurt - Edited version of Crystal Clear

A calm water 
Like Mirror, reflects
The deepest of the vanity's defects.
One bye one, she began to dissect
Each imaginary flaw. So Why her?

The crystal ball
Opens your eyes,
To all the filthy lies.
While she continually tries
to hide under a make-up disguise.
Shows her eventual fall.

Silence. they say is golden.
The shy girl remains secluded.
Wishing only to be included.
Within the crystal ball, she concluded
Her inner rage shall be exuded.
The anger, she will no longer hold in.

Don't venture into the smoke,
For she has set the fires.
All that was beautiful, aspires
The chaos that she admires.
Screams, pleas, her smiles suppliers
It was her, they broke.

A finger in her mouth found teeth.
Softly pinched enjoying her release.
For she has found joy and peace.
As the blaze consumes, sounds decrease.
Dancing flames becomes her masterpiece.
No longer will she be placed beneath.


Silence No More.



© 2017 Mirror

Author's Note

New Edition.

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I quite liked that one. More please?

Posted 5 Months Ago

All I can say is wow, and wow, and well wow, I loved the heck out of this piece. I'm speechless... Guess who just made a subscriber? That's right you! P.S. WOW!

Posted 7 Months Ago

This is when you know a poem has touched people.
It speaks to you. People want inside it.

Posted 10 Months Ago

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9 Months Ago

Thanks to Matthew. And thank you for reviewing too.
Indeed I love the way the original is woven into this intricate piece as it reflects it back at the writer/protagonist.

Posted 10 Months Ago

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10 Months Ago

Thank you John, and thanks to Mathew who did the work.

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Added on November 22, 2017
Last Updated on November 22, 2017
Tags: Hypocrisy and Clarity



Calabar, South South, Nigeria

I am simple, easy going, moody at times, but very playful sometimes i don't recognize myself. what i know is that in those playful times, everyone want to be like me. Yet, behind the curtains of my sm.. more..

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A Poem by Mirror

Crystal Clear Crystal Clear

A Poem by Mirror

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