A Poem by Emma Keynes

A poem about humanity.



To mean something,

To matter,

Is all that I want.

To be recognized for who I am

And embraced by the world for it.

My faults,

My achievements,

My accomplishments,

And my mistakes,

All to be loved and cherished

Because that's

How people act and

What people do.

People live.

People live, breathe, die.

We flourish under the special care and guidance

Of our fellow citizens of this world,

Fellow people, humans.

While humanity is a gift

Many have

Few are willing to acknowledge it

And that's

What makes us unique.

Unique is existing as the only,

Sole example


Having no equal,


People are past unique

We thrive in a world of similarity,

Where the clothes are the same,

The hair,

The houses,

The stores are the same.

What's not the same is


And right now that's Nature,

But if we continue to destroy

What we've only been given once

That “once” will be over

Faster than we could realize it was there.

People live, breathe, die.

We need our world to fulfill our dreams

And when that doesn't happen

We fall,

We crumble like the fragile wings of a bird

Before we catch ourselves

And soar where there are no boundaries.

But boundaries are the only things that separate us from the rest of our kind

And make us


And being human

Makes us who we are

And who we were meant to be

In this world.

The next

Where to begin?

We start with our birth

And end with our death

And it's death that carries us

To beyond our dreams

But how many of us truly know

What our dreams really are?

We wish our whole lives

We end it with a wish

A wish of promise and happiness wherever we're going now.

But wherever we go after we die

Doesn't matter until we're on our deathbed.

And beds are meant to comfort and bring

Solace from the terrors of the day

And bring on the horrors of the night

So when we're on our deathbed,

We're comfortable,

At ease with whatever lies in store for us next.

But death isn't the only mystery in our lives.

Love is a mystery,

And that's what makes us human.

Human is an animal,

But animals aren’t humans,

So are we special

Or just lucky?

Or do we just not know

And understand

How we work,

How we think,

How we,

As people,

Realize the world around us.

How hands of different shades,

Come together to create shades

Of life

That rain down upon the parched earth

To drink

And be reborn

Into the realm of life anew.

© 2013 Emma Keynes

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I enjoyed reading your work, I especially enjoyed the last section where you have ended with hope, with hope we can strive to be better humans to each other and to our planet.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Emma Keynes

5 Years Ago

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

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Added on May 2, 2013
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A Story by Emma Keynes