Camilo Cornejo: Catharsis In Design

Camilo Cornejo: Catharsis In Design

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Camilo Cornejo: An Expert In His Field


Camilo Cornejo is a renowned graphic artist designer and visual artist. Trained in South America, Canada and the United States, Camilo works with International corporations consulting in marketing, network strategies, graphic communication, studies of aesthetic trends, measurements of communication traffic, illustration techniques, generation of illustrations, and web content.


Camilo contributes his expertise in the arts and design to improve the social and development environments in his home country of Columbia. Since 2014, under the seal of UNITEC (Network Ilumnothis of seventeen prestigious higher education institutions in eight Latin American countries) and its program of social projection, Camilo volunteers with children of imprisoned parents helping them - aiding in the humanistic, emotional development of the rights of children.

In 2017, Camilo he was appointed by Red Ilumno as brand ambassador - recognized for his work with youth in the post-conflict guerrilla process by using the arts to generate space for forgiveness encounter and re-socialization. Camilo’s art and infographic is recognized and exhibited at the gallery space of the Visual Arts Museum Of Bogotá. In 2015, amilo exhibited a series of cataloged illustrations. At the Fernando Soto Aparicio Gallery, Camilo showed his retrospective work of infographics - high quality in the handling of illustrative expression techniques. That same year, Camilo was honored to appear in the curatorial process of The Festival of Artistic and Social Projects Of The UPC and was invited as a jury member.

Camilo’s studies in design and having involvement in the historical artisan processes of pre-Columbian art, offers him the skills to see social problems in the perfect space, and share an opportunity to help others to get closer. His art is called ‘catharsis in design’ the art of speaking and expressing oneself and the design to help others in their expression processes.

Camilo Cornejo’s aspirations to contribute his art to the film industry is realized with two projects accepted and nominated at the Cannes Film Festival. Currently, Camilo is developing seven short films set to compete in Cannes in 2019.

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I had the opportunity that Camilo Cornejo was my teacher of design aesthetics at Unitec, in that matter I saw the passion and dedication that this teacher has towards design but something more important is the passion he has to teach, since in my case the achievement change my way of seeing things, in this matter I learned that there are different aesthetics and different points of view that depend on context, time, culture, beliefs, values, among other factors. A great tool was the book The history of the ugliness of Umberto Eco where through history shows us the different canons of ugliness, thanks to this I can say that something aesthetic does not have to be exclusively something beautiful because in ugliness there is also esthetic. I am very grateful to have this level of people and professionals as teachers because I know that this nurtures my career as a graphic designer and also my values ​​as a person.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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For his career this visual artist, he has very clear the function of the design and the power of the signs on the society, his cooperation and his social work makes that Camilo is a point of reference to visualize the different fields of action that our beloved profession has , these incentives make us take our career more seriously and understand the ability to cover this discipline.

Posted 10 Months Ago

Nicolas Fernandez
The importance of graphic design in social areas
It is becoming more notorious as noted in these cases and projects
as those that Camilo Cornejo has done are those that give a country
full of designers the opportunity to be more recognized
in other places, in addition to the importance
to intervene in various fields of design for the race
and the professional training of a designer and how to take advantage of these
knowledge to carry out such large projects and carry them out.
This helps us to realize that students can learn
different communication strategies to have a good speech
or good tools when it comes to being in an agency, with a
client or defend the work.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Through his work we can see the professional quality as designer of Camilo Cornejo. In each class of his category, Camilo teaches us all his acquired knowledge, where each space for him is an opportunity to continue creating and teaching, an example is the Colombian beauty reflected in his infographic work.
In his class, we learnt how to use the Maslow's pyramid, you can get to work with Consumer Psychology, all in order to reach the client's needs. Each of his classes is dynamic, we realize things with the examples, both in our home and in our social life.
He explains us the meaning of "transcend", where the money to earn does not mean anything if you do not help people through your knowledge, an example is the social work that he does with the people of the prison.
We have been working on a book called "The History of Ugliness" by the author Umberto Eco where we can perceive beauty and ugliness from a more critical point of view through time and where different aesthetic and social criteria are exposed. Great teacher and an example to follow as graphic designers.

Posted 11 Months Ago

In my not very long educational process with Professor Camilo Cornejo I have realized that he is a person with vast knowledge of many subjects, especially in the area of ​​graphic design, his investigative processes are too complete and are a sign of an arduous work and good estructured.
His atypical way of explaining things makes him an irreverent person which makes the class much more entertaining and monotonous little rethinking the educational methodology to which he is accustomed with somewhat imbromomile examples that lead the mind creatively to recreate moments or situations that give meaning to a process of internalization and assimilation.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Camilo Cornejo is a very complete teacher, with a great knowledge in design, his works seem very complete and aesthetically functional, in Unitec university corporation where he dictates his classes you can notice the level of professionalism he has, since he is a person which is always looking for the best for the institution, their classes are also excellent because the way they teach is very good, clear and strong, with very good examples to better understand all the issues that have to do with the aesthetics of design, this class addresses very important issues for the area of ​​graphic design because in it the teacher teaches us how design must be functional, since the function is what matters in a design object, the aesthetics is linked to that functionality that is given to a design, because as we explained, an aesthetic design is a functional design.

For me it is a privilege to have the opportunity to receive the teachings of a teacher so complete and with a great knowledge in the area of ​​design, as it is Camilo Cornejo who has taught me many things that I did not know and that are fundamental to my goal of be a professional graphic designer

Posted 11 Months Ago

It is excellent to have a teacher who is interested in the progress and in turn that contributes to it, his projects are of high impact which makes us his students take Camilo Cornejo as a referencet to follow. The dynamics of their leasons makes one project more visually or graphically to what is usually worked in the world of graphic communication, in addition to knowing that he prefer the intellectual and cultural contribution to a community that has been affected by the Social inequality.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Camilo Cornejo, a quality teacher, with a lot of experience in illustration and diagramming, with much to give to the world from the youngest with great jobs to improve the country as his idea of teaching people in jail, is passionate about what it does, I have learned to see the graphic design differently, showing everywhere where it goes, it leaves Colombia at the top, it is of great support reading the book the history of ugliness since antiquity wished to have a way to Be beautiful but always came out of being ugly for not having these characteristics or being a criminal, with his work shows some landscapes of Colombia through his work of images.
He takes his time in each kind of aesthetics to be able to better give the subject and remove doubts about the work being done, since his work as an educator has shown the potential of Unitec with the short films that participate in dogs, his projects in behance they are of very high quality using striking images, colors that get along well with the image and join the concept that is to be shown.
Without neglecting the issue of environmental conservation that by being a designer and student of Unitec I can help the planet using recyclable materials, support with a graphical solution using printed media and social networks, in which it is shown how the wetlands affect the waste that is left daily in the streets.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Well, first its Colombia, not Columbia. Camilo Cornejo si my teacher and i think he is one of the better teachers for his way to teach, he teaches realistically, and adapted to our context. His proffesional career is an example for us as students, with commitement and passion for what we do we can achieve great things.
his classes have put "our feet on the ground" on many issues related to design, his professional work, I perceive that it is a constant exploration and search for innovation, quite related to culture and diversity, with Colombia, its design He looks sober but full of messages.
I personally, I believe him as a designer and I feel that his classes have been a great contribution in my training, and he has helped me to create criteria to understand and make understand the design.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Fortunately we have a great opportunity to learn many things from Camilo Cornejo, a great person who has given a great sense to my career as a graphic designer and has taught me the meaning of design, a great person committed to his profession. of his works he has a great knowledge, the way in which a person who is always in the solution and who with his great work of good quality wants to leave his country on high. Camilo Cornejo has always made us aware of the beauty of visual communication and that we can all enjoy it, the art and the festivities that are celebrated in Colombia, a quality that many of our country's works are unique in the world and that they have the opportunity to know through the infographics presented by Camilo Cornejo, we also talk about beauty through the book Umberto Eco history of ugliness that exposes us that the attribution of beauty and ugliness has been attributed there are no aesthetic criteria if there are no political and social criteria in which each person has their own criteria to give a constructive criticism to understand what aesthetics is for each of us something that we have understood very well and that has changed the way we the one that we see the aesthetic that surrounds us Accompanied by examples that gave us Camilo Cornejo to have more clear what we learned thanks to a camilo cornejo that I could understand the sig design and designing a graphic design. Camilo Cornejo taught me to have passion for my work and what is important in this profession that communicates with us and that we like as people.

Posted 11 Months Ago

In both articles we can see reflected the dedication and talent of a person who has been able to acquire throughout his career, showing different points of view, on the one hand shows the projects he has in the short and medium term to develop and leave a legacy, as Camilo tells us "Transcend", and on the other hand the talent as a designer to unite and make see the magnificent places of Colombia in a single image, obtaining the important information to be a little more cravings and want more than we he informs and shows in his photographs, from this we can learn and ratify the importance of aesthetics in our field, the graphic design that is where we know how to move, learn from the author of these creations that with these compositions we not only see one more; if not that we differentiate the elements; Each point and line aims to highlight the necessary and concrete information, as well as its social project combines its profession with the gratification of generating knowledge in other heads, creating society, and giving a second chance to people to explore to the fullest his skills.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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