Camilo Cornejo: Catharsis In Design

Camilo Cornejo: Catharsis In Design

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Camilo Cornejo: An Expert In His Field


Camilo Cornejo is a renowned graphic artist designer and visual artist. Trained in South America, Canada and the United States, Camilo works with International corporations consulting in marketing, network strategies, graphic communication, studies of aesthetic trends, measurements of communication traffic, illustration techniques, generation of illustrations, and web content.


Camilo contributes his expertise in the arts and design to improve the social and development environments in his home country of Columbia. Since 2014, under the seal of UNITEC (Network Ilumnothis of seventeen prestigious higher education institutions in eight Latin American countries) and its program of social projection, Camilo volunteers with children of imprisoned parents helping them - aiding in the humanistic, emotional development of the rights of children.

In 2017, Camilo he was appointed by Red Ilumno as brand ambassador - recognized for his work with youth in the post-conflict guerrilla process by using the arts to generate space for forgiveness encounter and re-socialization. Camilo’s art and infographic is recognized and exhibited at the gallery space of the Visual Arts Museum Of Bogotá. In 2015, amilo exhibited a series of cataloged illustrations. At the Fernando Soto Aparicio Gallery, Camilo showed his retrospective work of infographics - high quality in the handling of illustrative expression techniques. That same year, Camilo was honored to appear in the curatorial process of The Festival of Artistic and Social Projects Of The UPC and was invited as a jury member.

Camilo’s studies in design and having involvement in the historical artisan processes of pre-Columbian art, offers him the skills to see social problems in the perfect space, and share an opportunity to help others to get closer. His art is called ‘catharsis in design’ the art of speaking and expressing oneself and the design to help others in their expression processes.

Camilo Cornejo’s aspirations to contribute his art to the film industry is realized with two projects accepted and nominated at the Cannes Film Festival. Currently, Camilo is developing seven short films set to compete in Cannes in 2019.

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I had the opportunity that Camilo Cornejo was my teacher of design aesthetics at Unitec, in that matter I saw the passion and dedication that this teacher has towards design but something more important is the passion he has to teach, since in my case the achievement change my way of seeing things, in this matter I learned that there are different aesthetics and different points of view that depend on context, time, culture, beliefs, values, among other factors. A great tool was the book The history of the ugliness of Umberto Eco where through history shows us the different canons of ugliness, thanks to this I can say that something aesthetic does not have to be exclusively something beautiful because in ugliness there is also esthetic. I am very grateful to have this level of people and professionals as teachers because I know that this nurtures my career as a graphic designer and also my values ​​as a person.

Posted 3 Days Ago

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Fortunately, I had the pleasure of meeting an excellent teacher and outstanding designer. Not only I met Camilo Cornejo, I also knew his wonderful knowledge, his way of thinking and seeing things through aesthetics, knowing his dedication for his work and love for his country, he instilled in us very important things about how we should form a country Through our work, to make known to others how important is the place where we live. He also taught us through the book "The History of Ugliness" by Umberto Eco, how there are different perspectives in aesthetics as in the ugly there are beautiful things and in beautiful things there are ugly things, some are in their Agathos and others in his Kalos. He instilled in us how we should make a design really emerge, which does not have to be just beautiful, it must also be functional, seek and know why it can impact people. In conclusion, Camilo Cornejo helped me to see the design in a much more aesthetic way.

Posted 2 Days Ago

Through Camilo Cornejo in aesthetics we have recognized that in his long experience throughout the illustration and diagramming of drawings can be felt and even reach out to others demonstrating what has been done in the professional field.
For his part, he always helps other aspiring graphic designers to find his Kalos and agathos both in the work that means experience and hard work as much as he is in his personal maturity since without this kind of reflections he will not be able to reach a good Acceptance of the same demonstrating how qualified one is for the next challenges that are approaching.
It is of utmost importance that as citizens and more as Colombians we demonstrate the immense wealth that Colombia contains to exploit in terms of the construction of several or new concepts to obtain a modernization of these as long as the concept of Colombia and its indigenous roots do not get lost. because if we do not identify what governs us as a culture, it will be very difficult to demonstrate that the Colombian graphic designer is prepared for challenges, as the personal brand of Mr. Camilo Cornejo has shown.

Posted 2 Days Ago

Design is an area of knowledge that has been underestimated by many people thanks to the miss information, Camilo Cornejo is a clear example that designers have a vital role in society, I think his idea of creating a better country is admirable giving opportunities and trusting in the youth, as he has shown with his work with young people involve in the conflict, defending their rights and making a more human generation from his position. Another aspect that I think it is important to say is his intention to make more known the depth of Colombian culture, even though our native works surprise viewers and visitors when thet meet it, is not the priority for other Colombian designers or communicators and is It is very necessary to make known all the diversity of this country

Posted 2 Days Ago

Camilo as a designer tries to leave his mark and his legacy in all the students who pass through his classes, giving to understand concepts raised by authors like Umberto Eco so that the terms that are used by the Greeks are understood more clearly for a generation like the one we are in, gives us insight into the Kalos and the agathos of the people as an uncommon advice, letting yourself be carried away by appearances but not judging badly. See things differently, see the aesthetic that is present at all times and how elements such as psychology are involved with the world of design; as per each previous cultures. cultural and historical everything is generating a change in both the way things are seen and the people, clear examples we see in movies like "The embrace of snake light" with a religious culture seen from two points, a before and later, showing the martyrs of war and religion; or as the movie "In the name of the rose" in a culture so marked by religion where the difference was death, laughter a prohibition and the woman a monstrous adefecio. He males as personal growth to develop a social environment that allows help all people. a story that is worth reading.

Posted 2 Days Ago

Camilo's toughts about the design, used as a communication chanel to share information with a previous investigation and knowledge about the target, the product or idea to "sell" and the values and moral of the enterprise who's working with him, all of this looking forward a better communication. He's the best option for many projects where his knowledge could be of such great use, for everuthing he knows about aesthetics, art, design, psychology and others studies. He works with the research of all I've said before and it's showed in the final work he creates, for he captures the essence of what hes trying to communicate. The Catharsis of design means an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual purification of this youth people whom had been affected by the guerrilla conflict, he is giving them a chance and knowledge to improvre their personal problems through art and to express themselves, he thinks we all should express ourselves and so be related to political, cultural and economic matters in our country, so we are part of it and we won't be indifferent or careless of what should be the most important in our lives, because it concerns all of us. I really hope to see soon the short films he's working on.

Posted 2 Days Ago

I had the pleasure of knowing a Camilo Cornejo in the Unitec educational institution as a teacher, for that reason I do not find it strange all the advances and achievements through his career as a designer, his perspective on aesthetics is very interesting and not only focus on knowledge, the value of this in the design, if not that it raises us how it can be applied in everyday life and helps us to expand our way of seeing the world, likewise it is interesting how the design is sold of all the molds and concepts that society has about this discipline and that can weigh its focus, especially at the advertising level, the design can have a focus through Agathos, meaning that it can be involved in social causes as a tool that helps Change the general thinking of people and contribute to a better society.

Posted 2 Days Ago

The design has different functions, it can not be schematized, and the learning of this must enclose several spheres of human knowledge, it is good that the academy helps people with psychological purposes, that is, it is good that the design sometimes gets out of the topic of trade promotion, because as a designer would say, "design is to encourage trade," this may undoubtedly be true, but there are always other ways of appreciating and using things.
Art is cathartic, then, design is also, there is nothing new here, art uses the language of design, and design uses the language of art, which serves design spiritually as art does is natural.
But emphasizing the issue of trade, there are no values ​​in trade, there is only a thirst to make capital, and design is a slave to capital and the capitalist system. If in the academy there are other humanitarian ways of helping people through design, this is very interesting.
On the other hand, design gives everything because its philosophical conception is ambiguous, what is being a designer? The same goes for the question of being an artist, that is, someone dedicated to the fine arts. Society puts this type of trades in a strange position, and it may be that the craftsmen are not far from the workers.
A designer is a tiny piece of the organizational charts of political power, the image is political, the communicational image is made by the designers, and in short, being a designer is helping others obtain that power, a designer and an artist is a publicist, all they want to persuade, to communicate their own truths or the truths of others, in the cinema it may be the same thing, so the dialectic gives us to analyze things as we want, for example a newspaper article about someone will never be objective, in a text You can turn a moderately successful person into a living idol, or quite the opposite. In this case, writing is also part of the design.

Posted 2 Days Ago

Personally as a student of graphic design, it is inevitable to appoint professor Camilo Cornejo in the conversation between colleagues as one of the teachers who really left us a teaching and endless knowledge, such as the theme of aesthetics, how people outside our specialty point out and define the beautiful and the ugly, to something that really has another connotation. Undoubtedly the expectations and the way in which we define the world in its aesthetic side today are completely different from what I visualized before each class with professor Cornejo.

Posted 3 Days Ago

I appreciate Master Camilo for his work as a teacher, I have contributed in my training as a professional, I also thank him for making me understand that aesthetics is found in all corners of the universe, whether it is beautiful or not, thanks to this I was able to find a synergy between aesthetics and design.
I love his methodologies with which he teaches at the university, as a student I am fully satisfied by his work, by his enthusiasm and the passion that puts him to the challenge he undertakes.

Good publication, I hope to read a new one soon.

Posted 3 Days Ago

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