A Poem by erums

Why don’t you just get over it?

It's not that easy, if it was why would I still have it.

It's a chemical imbalance in the brain.

I can’t just make it go away.

It's not a small cold that I can get rid of in a week.

One time I failed a test and felt sad, it's the same thing right?

No, it's not the same.

You could still sleep and eat after that test.

I couldn't I didn't have a choice.

When I'm sad I have no motivation at all.

It's like I haven't been plugged in and I'm at 1%.

Want to come to the party with us?

No, I just want to sit in bed all day.

I will be in a room of strangers that all want to talk to me.

I would but, my minds telling me no.

I don't have anything to wear.

What about that dress you just got?

It makes me look like an elephant that just ate a hippo.

I hate that color.

I lost it, it has been lost in the sea of clothes.

Why can't you just understand I don't want to go?

You have depression, but you're always so cheery?

It's fake, but you can't tell.

Yes because I don't want anyone to know.

Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize I had to be sad all the damn time.

Are you okay?

No I'm not, but I will say I'm fine till the day I die.

My smile says yes but my eyes say no.

Yes, I just feel like a car that has just ran over a nail.

I'm just tired.

Tired of what?

Finally someone asked it.

Tired of trying

Tired of lying

Tired of breathing

Tired of living.

© 2017 erums

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Added on December 7, 2017
Last Updated on December 7, 2017
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Putnam, CT

I am a senior in high school just trying to make it through this crazy world. more..

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