"The DevilCat Mystery" PROMO

"The DevilCat Mystery" PROMO

A Book by Essa Zahir

Promotional free download on Lulu.com for Essa Zahir's re-launch of his 2009 fantasy novel "The DevilCat Mystery".


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Author's Note

Essa Zahir
Re-launch of his 2009 fantasy novel: trilogy

The tale was inspired by the sightings of non native British wild cats that have been with us for decades as in “the beast of Exmore”.

Essa began his scientific research intothe phenomenon from about 2000, which only flared his imagination to go further than just a story about stray wild cats, escaped from zoos or private collections. As a big cat lover himself, he admits to seeing the ‘spirit of the cat’ as very much human-like in many aspects – likewise he sees different forms of ‘animal spirits’ in humans!

Very soon, a series of poetic scribblings became a story that then became – an epic!

Between 2000 and 2006, Essa had written “The DevilCat Mystery” and three quarter way in the ‘prequel’ “Bear-heart, The Devil & The Cat”. However, he came to find to his dismay at the time, the creative passion and focus in ‘solitude’ was not something the commercial world of publishing would embrace. Allowing external, editorial guidance to determine the course of his ‘idea’for just one book was not something Essa accepted, arguing he was telling a tale with a very strong ‘vision’ that determined its path: twists & turns, subplots etc. Telling the tale that had gripped him as it was- more important than corrupting its true merit for the sake of, or hope of getting published.

His liaising with a writer’s support service concluded his first manuscript sent for a read showed Essa as a talented writer with much potential, adding ‘if only more writers today would give as much thought to plot and seeing it through to the very end’ – ‘the book delivers what it has set out to do’ – ‘the writing has many poignant gems that stay with you long after you left the book’ and the mentor/critic was even astonished to the ‘twist’ at the end. However, the original length was an issue, and Essa’s streak in not compromising his strong vision: to finish book two and then his third with a very clear course where to go and how to finish the epic.

In the end, Essa decided to publish the book himself on Lulu.com, advised by his mentor as a “unique piece of writing & storytelling with much merit” after Essa absorbed much of the more practical aspects of the criticism, taking about a hundred pages out by scrutinizing every line and paragraph in a re-edit.

The final cut of “The DevilCat Mystery” was published in 2009 and it’s prequel “Bear-heart, The Devil & The Cat” in 2010, followed on by “The Last Conflict” in the same year.The re-launch has nowmade the books more reader friendly with larger font size (14) and double spaced lines.

Too long a commitment to see what happens at the end!


As a self publisher and in the strong vision Essa had very early on, “The DevilCat Mystery” has a beginning, a middle and a perfect end, praised by his mentor & critic. There is however, a greater mystery or curse, which has gripped its main characters, binding them together. This is then explored by taking a step back in time.

Theoretically, one can read the prequel “Bear-heart, The Devil & The Cat”and then the devilcat without it ruining anything. But having read the devilcat novel first, it then gives much more depth and texture to the first novel, seeing where and how the curse came about. Even the prequel has a beginning, a perfect middle and an end on its own merit. “The Last Conflict” says it all. What ever you do, do not begin with the third book!

”The DevilCat Mystery” Synopsis”

"After a series of intense encounters with a wild and mysterious black cat in her native country of Asatania in Eastern Europe, angelic six year-old Valerie, suffering from emotional and psychological trauma is brought over to England by her enigmatic uncle Valmere Vernoff. Before he arrives in England, he learns Valerie had only been cursed by the black hand of fate from his own very dark past. As foretold, Valerie’s life in a less than friendly environment finally pushes the teenager over the edge out of Valmere’s control, after-which she’s lost to the shadows. After a five year absence of the human soul into the darkvoid, sightings of mysterious cats increase. Two human murders and numerous livestock kills are left in the black cat’s trail when Valerie finally emerges as a bewitchingly beautiful young woman in deep spiritual turmoil and suffering from amnesia. Having found herself in a loveaffair with Terry, a maverick young cat sleuth on the trail of the murderous black cat, backed up by teams of deadly pursuers, the scene is set for a brutal confrontation between man and beast"

Fantasy genre with elements of: horror, thriller, action, eroticism, occult & witchcraft.

CAUTION: both promo and novel contain adult content: sexual references and swear words with very graphic depictions of violence, gore & horror. On Lulu.com, age verification will be needed to view/download this item.


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Essa Zahir
Essa Zahir

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