The Passion with hope by Ewerton Faverzani

The Passion with hope by Ewerton Faverzani

A Story by Ewerton Faverzani

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Ballisè, pregnant woman of two weeks, if prepared to bring to the Paixonittè world.
Illuminated in full moon night, escorted for the seven protectors of the light: the Wolves of Elsìs (Raskys animal Siberians half, half androids) that they protected the predestined one to receive the blessings from the travelling light, brought for the cruise of the south, where at last it would generate a new to be: Paixonittè.
E paixonittè was born in the dawn of Saturday for the calendar occidental person, generated during sixteen days, fecundado with all the goodness and love it universe.
The new men were modified men and women geneticamente, as the evolution human being gave its great evolutivo jump.
It was at this time, end of century XX and beginning of century XXI that the genes would start to suffer new mutation and to occur to the last evolution. E, together with it, new technologies (computer science, robotics, biomedicina, cybernetics, nuclear energy, biocombustíveis, etc.).
For this evolution, new men were capable to carry through innumerable tasks at the same time, with so great precision and dexterity. With certain limit, even so very superior to the previous evolution to this. Each one, each one, developed genetic individual abilities, dons in the search of the interaction and the infinite progress.
Paixonittè inherited of the universe the task to manage the new generation rare human being, having dom, that the infinite light of the Southern Cross could only evoke: dom of the wisdom imanente.
Dom this capable one to harmonize, to enrich, to feed the new men route to the constant and permanent progress.
Paixonittè grew and lives happy in perfect integration with the “new men”.
Many times, Paixonittè leaves to meditar, to read, to study the changes exerted for the blow of the cosmos.
In the sacred Tundra, one sophisticated room of I remove, all informatizado, in metal and transparent acrylic, espelhado for it are, cooled; it contained all the information necessary to extend and to improve its wisdom imanente.
To the two years of age, he had been implanted in its electronic brain one chip I contend all the come existing knowledge since the beginning of the civilizations.
To the five, Paixonittè was capable to decide, for example, mathematical calculations of superior degree, involving in these: nuclear chemistry, goal-fís metaphysics, biomedicina, cybernetics and Portuguese for description of the executed procedures. Facts these cabíveis only to the great detainers of the prize Nobel of the area.
When returning from its I remove that it took three months, demanding so great concentration and transcendência of its espiritualidade, would help to improve the administration in set with the new men and together they would celebrate the arrival of the winter and the new technologies and inventos that had finished to develop.
In the other day, shows of music, olimpíadas, theater, cinema, plant of new inventors and talentos had carried through a great party involving...
From then on all had started to feel an immense joy and welfare infinite...

© 2008 Ewerton Faverzani

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Ewerton Faverzani
Ewerton Faverzani

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

I am a writer of literature surreal. As one of my main references, I have so many idols as masters, the monumental plastic artist Salvador Dal�. Currently I develop studies in the area of .. more..