The great festival of the harvest by Ewerton Faverzani

The great festival of the harvest by Ewerton Faverzani

A Story by Ewerton Faverzani

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The Celta people prepares itself for the festival Oidhche Lugnasa, had as the great event of reverenciação the harvest. This is considered a dedicated celebration celta to the Tailtu goddess and the Lugh. It was one old Irish goddess of the land, mother of Lugh. This celebration would last about fifteen days. The preparativeses had started six months of antecedence, following the céltico calendar, so that it was most perfect possible in order to have one year of intense abundance and joy.
Celtas inhabits the small villages led for warlike heads. Pagrèey is one of the heads, experienced scholar and in the speed where medita. They live in Great-Britain and are excellent in the preparation of the land and of sophisticated projects of irrigation for its fertilização.
The people has conscience that its sustenance comes of the land that supplies to foods and other natural resources to it. If the harvest to fail, will be able to die of hunger, then it is of extreme necessity to guarantee a good harvest making optimum to characterize the production.
They knew that, if it was not satiated, many would die. Thus, one of the main forms of them to honor the land was carrying through the great ceremony during station change.
The festival of the céltico calendar celebrates a aspect of the land and the changes of stations. Of Oidhche Lugnasa it is very important for the sustenance of the town, being marked by the solstícios and equinoxes.
The eves of the festival the time of physical preparation and spiritual is intense. Each one has that to become involved itself in the nocturnal ceremony, passing the day certifing itself of that its energy is in conditions balanced and harmonious to the maximum. This will allow to receive greater wisdom and power in the great celebration.
Everything is submitted to the extreme verification so that nothing it has left wrong. It is observed, then, the cycle of the moon, the propitious station, in the minimum details.
Arriving the Estat (day of the great ritual), it starts the great celebration, on this day the full moon already is prepared. Thus they homage the “Moon of the grains” where the town all is congregated to festejar and to reflect on future of the harvest that they will have for the front.
An adolescent peasant has the chance to participate for the first time of the festival of the harvest. E, this for celtas is had as passport for the perpetual life.
The adolescent that I finish to observe to far, through mine cosmo vision represents the love for the land (considered sacred and rich of hopes), respect for the equal ones and of infinite wisdom.


© 2008 Ewerton Faverzani

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Added on February 16, 2008
Last Updated on November 3, 2008


Ewerton Faverzani
Ewerton Faverzani

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