The temple of Sinanm� by Ewerton Faverzani

The temple of Sinanm� by Ewerton Faverzani

A Story by Ewerton Faverzani

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One week moving patrol the pacata city of Smaraello, located in the South Pole extremity, encircled for the colds and frozen ice mountains. One to agitate of legs for the city, paved for all the sides, of some types, sizes and models.
It goes it and it comes of these footwear follows in direction to a destination.
Others, only, if lose of the side movement, leaving the commitments with the unusual one. These were in a peregrination zone and to find the direction now would be late excessively.
The others are of the peregrination zone had followed, again, to the meeting of the sacred grotto Sinanmè, a temple, where it has milênios it are inhabited for forces comings of the universe. Deities of another galaxy if had installed in this e region had left of gift to the Pommos rock (mineral of other people's composition to the terrestrial periodic table).
The rock, what paleolithic, indecifrável, more than magic.
The footwear was in the truth of the people of Smaraello. Of old settling, descendants of the mitológicas polar tribes, accustomed to live the low temperatures, to also practise swimming and excellent adestradores of wolves. The city had six a thousand years more than and although the high technology, lived on the Sinanmè. By the way, this technology if must the ordinance of the desires purest.
Who did not arrive in time of the great illumination that Pommos would emanate, through the universal energy, to each a thousand years, would lose the chance, being the part of Sinanmè. This energy had intention to carry through dreams, through a collective order.
Individual, but collective dreams. It would act to carry through them for the evolution of Smaraello, to improve its technology.
All the desires would be carried through. But this would depend very on the heart, of the fondness of each one, of conscientious form, come back to a good, pure and true objective.
In case that some of the Smaraellinos if did not concentrate right, all would lose its desires and only daqui the a thousand years, ancestral futures of Smaraello could return and desire new dreams.
All already congregated had started the concentration with one hour of antecedence, therefore meditation would be necessary sufficient.
The midnight the rock receives the energy from the universe through the mediation of the Southern Cross.
The rock is illuminated and reflected as mirror, following the course in beams of light under the third eye of each Smaraellino.
Blessed you are, it are one day wonderful. They had come back toward its happy houses. Tomorrow new dreams would start...

© 2008 Ewerton Faverzani

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Very well written.
I also love to read pieces like this..Short but extremely powerful.
A great write overall :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on February 16, 2008
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Ewerton Faverzani
Ewerton Faverzani

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