After the dream, the cart ...

After the dream, the cart ...

A Story by Ewerton Faverzani

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On a cold winter evening where the cold rain dripping on the city is that I had a wonderful dream ... The dream was so heady that it took hours to agree on the verge of losing the first period of the option that year. Had dreamed of the car of my dreams, those jaw-dropping. The true was a flying machine. A fantastic car, chromed alloy mild and stainless steel internal structure and the entire carcass of glass fiber. All in metallic tones that mistook the blue with gold. The internal space (seats, steering, dashboard and so on) was all of a waterproof fabric in shades of beige and blue. Much technology was unusual in that vehicle and automotive to portable LCD TV, high-tech GPS system, stereo system and also an undeniable on-board computer warned that any situation that could cause more harm or damage to life and, of course, the car . In it could go the whole city in less than five seconds. Its modern aerodynamics transmute it into various modules of locomotion. Thus, headed by the waters of the river Guaíba minors without problems and was flying from the capital riograndense to the river in January and returned and went and returned. It was the most loved in a matter of adjusting the unit mutator. The adventure during one night of deep sleep outside a unique experience. When I wake up just to college. Do not remember anything else that had been passed on that tasty dream. Even so, did that day was a car wanting to streamline everyday tasks such as work, internships and college. Weeks were dismissed one by one and was already close to Christmas. Had joined some cutter to buy my first car. I knew you still miss a third of the money to make the purchase. Thinking in finance therefore wanted a modern car today and that earned at work and did not cover that luxury. It was then that by leaving my job at the end of business hours, walking back to my house that was a strange sir I stopped to talk. He said he knew what it wanted and pointed to the north of the city. I decided follow your advice and walked outside. Arriving near the place indicated found an old iron-old abandoned. Strange because I thought maybe he had been mistaken. I felt a smell of rum in their dialogue. Even if it decided below. Entering the iron-old met a sort of wooden door on the soil of that place. She seemed to indicate that behind the door could be something that was looking. Place decided in his right hand on the door and pushed to open it. It really was right, a stone stairway indicated even a place below ground of iron-old. I decided fall. Many steps were being left aside until firm tread on the stone floor of the deposit. It was a tremendous dark down there. Without seeing anything knocked unconscious in a lamp. I took the lighter one of the pockets of the pants and lit the lamp. Place lighted walked toward another room that was hidden by a mountain of old tires. Met a car covered by a tarp. I could not see that brand, model year and the car would be. I took the canvas full of dust the few so as not to spoil what could already be spoiled for a few years. Maybe the car was the gentleman who had given me this place and I leave a legacy resolve to fix it. This would be a good way to save what had joined over the years. By removing the tarp that was not believed in seeing ... I sat down and breathe a little ... Feelings of shock and euphoria it mistook the same time. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and opened again in order to look better what was before me. Could it now has a nightmare.

© 2008 Ewerton Faverzani

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Ewerton Faverzani
Yes, ignore grammar problems.

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haunting but interesting.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Ewerton Faverzani
Ewerton Faverzani

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

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