Journey Into Womanhood

Journey Into Womanhood

A Story by Sherry Lynn

Is it reasonable for parents to be so pathetic that they often celebrate the onset of puberty and menstrual cycles for young girls? Is it not embarrassing enough for the girl that she had just begun her monthly cycle and venture into womanhood? How would fathers like it if we celebrated letting them bleed out of their gentiles for a week every month for the next twenty years or more? Why don't we just take all the men out and let them wear a tampon for a day to feel it's comfort and let them tell our daughters how wonderful it is that they have grown up.

I know girls have a lot to be thankful for when they venture from being a child into a woman. Let me count the blessings to make sure I have it all correct. Women are thankful they have cramps on a regular basis. They are thankful that their breast will be tender and that new bra will feel like torture at least once a month. The female gender is thankful they will bleed like crazy and have to worry about leaking, not to mention trying to get the blood stains out of their underclothes, while jabbing something inside their tender and swollen gentiles during a time that they are already cramping.

Shall I even mention yearly violation? Awe yes, just another step into womanhood that a young girl gets to look forward too. They can be thankful that at least once a year, if they are not busy carrying an intruder in that tiny petite body because that would mean more than once a year, they get to lay on their backs, while another human that is not even known on a first name basis, inserts foreign objects and fingers into every inch of their body causing even more discomfort on both an emotional and physical level than before. Most of the time the doctor violating females is a man and he gets to sit there performing this invasion while trying to convince everyone that he understands how it feels. Sure he does and women understand how it feels to be a man going through a prostate exam with a female doctor.

The other wonderful thing our daughters have to look forward to is losing their virginity. This is an excruciating experience where their lover inserts a straight make believe tampon, also know as the wonderful penis, inside the girl. Instead of wanting to cry over the feeling of being ripped I suppose women should just look at their lover and say thank you. After all it is another step into womanhood and for men another reason to celebrate. Then after girls begin to experiment with sex they still have yet many new exciting experiences to be thankful for.

Women get to carry around a human canon ball that has invaded their body, taking away what figure the women strived for while kicking and punching the new mother to bes bladder and other areas causing her to leak urine all over herself. Yet, there is nothing that can be done to stop this alien from treating a female body like its very own personal martial arts dummy. After nine months of being attacked from within their own bodies, women then get the glorious and rewarding job of pushing this intruder through their tiny opening in the vagina and out of their new unrecognizable body.

I suppose while women are on the hospital bed with everyone poking fingers inside them while their bodies are not only in severe pain from the contractions, but also still occupied by that invader their lover left behind when he inserted the make believe tampon, they should be thankful as well, instead of wanting the little intruder out and the whole ordeal over with.

The minimum six week healing period should actually be a big party, after all women now get the lovely task of trying to use the restroom without screaming while their precious vagina feels like it is on fire and the incision begins to leave the impression that it has been ripped back open if they dare to push, cough, or sneeze.

And the fact that a woman's bra has just become two sizes too small from their b***s filling up with milk, which had suddenly become untouchable to everyone else but this little invader that ripped his way into the world, whether or not they were ready, is only a party gift that women should be even more thankful for.

After the six weeks of wanting to blow on a tender vagina from urinating, sensitive breast that shoot out milk like a water pipe that has just busted every time an infant cries, bleeding nonstop while sleeping with what feels like a dirty thick pile of sandpaper squished between their legs, and telling their lover no sexual contact of any type, since this has suddenly become his fault, women now get the lovely task of being violated once again at the postpartum exam which is much like the yearly violation that was just experienced at the beginning of their pregnancy.

All these little joys and many more is what women have the pleasure to experience shortly after that little step into puberty happens. What more reason does a woman need to celebrate? Could the celebration actually be more for the mothers instead of daughters; after all, the moms have finally received their revenge upon the little girl that caused so many changes to their own hormones, moods, and body many years before.

It is amazing how a mother can gain revenge on her own daughter without ever trying and then has the mindset that it is a wonderful occasion and everyone must join in the festivities. What is even more amazing is how the young daughter helps her mother celebrate and is innocent enough to believe that this journey is a wonderful process without anything to fear. What little the young girl knows. I am grateful to be a woman and experience all these insanities first hand since it only proves that women can handle more than the average man.

© 2012 Sherry Lynn

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Added on June 18, 2012
Last Updated on June 18, 2012


Sherry Lynn
Sherry Lynn

Oklahoma City, OK

I just write what is on my mind, my writings venture and can touch upon anything. Some are very explicit, some are just to relieve stress, and most come from the pains and joys that I have had the pl.. more..


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