The Queen of Night

The Queen of Night

A Poem by Faith Knoll

They say don't hold on too tight 
But wait, that ain't even the highlight
You see, I fell in love with you
Right at first sight
Right around midnight but all I saw was sunlight
I still remember that first night
I thought you'd be the one, foresight
Red light,
You left me in a twilight.
Struck me like a snakebite
Blew me up like dynamite
You are my kyptonite

I'm trynna act like everything is alright 
but truthfully, I pray for a rewrite 
But, you took the first flight
Now, I'm just trynna find you through this telescope sight
Even though, I outta know you are long out of sight
In his own right, this is all just a mosquito bite 
In my sight, it's black and white
This is my burial site
Call me the Queen of Night
You shined so bright, you were my starlight
You saved me, thought you were my knight
But in hindsight, I held on way too damn tight

© 2017 Faith Knoll

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A poem with use of one rhyme throughout in a fantastic way with fantastic results. The musicality hits those 'ite''s with gusto and brilliance but encounters two small hurdles as it tries to carry over "[right] at first sight" and "way too [damn] tight". With the latter you can dispense with the "way" or the "damn" but having all three is a bit too much, is redundant, and mars the musicality of the piece. The doesn't so much mar the musicality as it just makes things sound a bit awkward having two "right"'s in such close proximity to each other ("right at first sight/Right around midnight"). The second "right" packs a harder punch without the presence of the first, because the first mars its presence (and viceversa), and getting rid of one wouldn't mar the musicality at all. A similar instance of a line marring the presence of another is in the two "bite" lines ("snakebite" and "mosquito bite"). They may be referring to distinct things and also they're not so much in close proximity to each other, but they both paint the same image of something being a bother of pick which would be that bother, and change the other to something other than "bite"....."blight", perhaps, which means disease...."plight" - predicament. Play with it. Those two lines, because they're using the same image of a bite (regardless of what kind) is a tad awkward. Other than that, this is fantastically written. Well done!

Posted 11 Months Ago

Faith Knoll

11 Months Ago

Thank you for the feedback! I'll keep playing around with it!
Powerful and worthwhile words shared.
"You shined so bright, you were my starlight
You saved me, thought you were my knight
But in hindsight, I held on way too damn tight"
I understand the above lines. Too tightly, not tight enough or just right? Hard to know. Thank you Faith for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Impressed by how many words you found to rhyme with "night"!
I like this poem a lot, it also sounds a bit like song lyrics...:)

Posted 12 Months Ago

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Faith Knoll

12 Months Ago

Thank you so much!

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