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I am not all that, yet I am that!

I am not all that, yet I am that!

A Poem by fattycbreezy52

Goodness begets goodness!


Come out of your tiny shell and I am sure the world, this bundle of contradictions has many things to offer.May be there is no justice in the world, may be there is no rainfall after the sultry summer day.May be the justice comes in some other way.But just to make the point here that I would appreciate a rapid justice.

Staying calm and composed may not be your forte or may be you are just a beginner at that.But trust me, this morose world will not let you sit back and repose.Even if you are some 200o miles away from the spot, troubles will still follow you there and take a toll on your existence. It will itch a lot, trust me!

I will give you a reality check..No, no don't be scared.I write only what people feel and can relate to.I do not write any bogus, imaginary s**t or ornamental substance.I offer reality only. So take it or not, I will leave it on you to decide.

Accusations against any person:

Yes, I have grown into a b***h, a narcissistic b***h who loves herself.Yes, I have gained a lot of popularity, looks and people with the passage of time..Oh! Just in case if you do not know, I have a lot of admirers at my disposal.Yes, I am a pampered kid and perhaps, boast of having the best parents in the world. Yes, I am arrogant just because I am popular. Yes, I have like 3-4 friends.Yes, in short, I am a Base, obscure and complete piece of s**t that reeks very badly. And oh, I am arrogant because I have a boyfriend.

Oh yes,
Let me fight it out for you.

A befitting response:

I am a narcissistic b***h because I love myself .Yes, way too much because the key is to love yourself and be yourself by putting your body and soul above all others before you actually embark on a journey of loving someone.Yes, I love myself because I am not like those million women out there who do not approve of themselves and feel pretty low.

Yes, I have achieved everything-popularity, looks and admirers.Nothing was given to me, ready made. Nor did I take any umpteen number of trials to fix my place in a particular position or rank.I worked badly, made a day out of night and night out of day and made both the ends meet.This is how I claimed my place.This is how I have EARNED my fame. And oh, about the looks, you can naturally thank my mom for that but I would not mind stating the fact that with the passage of time, I have even worked upon polishing my looks, improving myself and examining the fact that what's my best and most favourite feature unlike someone who wears their PJS or Palazzo which looks just like those PJS even during a wedding reception. No, I have a very keen and polished fashion sense .Hence I have looks which you can never have. Yes, I am beautiful both inside and out.

The admirers-Well, I have really earned them. I know some people stick to you because you are popular still I have given a good chance to all of them.I have given them a chance to click pictures with me, tonnes of pictures with me.They have fake posed there, hugged me and kissed me (well, the next day I definitely had a pimple on my left cheek- thought I must mention that).But there have been those people who have not just admired me but have made me their own.I have basked in the sunshine of their happy faces which will light up as soon as I would enter the premises. Yes, there are people who clap for me more than I ever could for myself. Yes, there are people who think I look funny or cute whenever I cry.Yes, there are people who know how transparent I am and how clean I have come out before them.

Yes, I am a pampered kid.Every parent does something or other for their children.Why? Your parents haven't? Oh then stop being so jealous of me you senseless kid.My parents have done it all, given it all.You know what ...I need no Red Bull because my parents have already given me wings and with those wings they have given me ample freedom to fly about wherever and whenever I feel like.They trust me, know very well that I would not let anyone cut those wings off and would not do anything wrong with them.Basically my parents KNOW me.And they are the best..Isn't the very word "parents" a superior idea in itself? No matter whose parents they be, all parents just rock. I pity you for not getting this simple fact.

Yes, I have 3-4 people because I do not socialise that much.I haven't sold my virginity to any random person on the streets like you have. Yes, I haven't even slapped my mom for a worthless boyfriend of class 5-6 like you totally have.Yes, I do not post those ugly, liplocking photos of me and my boyfriend on instagram. Yes, I do not keep on pestering him and do not unnecessarily compliment people for something which they are not really good at. Yes, I do not put my entire life on social media. I choose my own Friends. I am not that fiend who scares people away.You do not seem approachable even, atleast I do.You live in a virtual world of friendship but I care for the real days- a friend who can do my makeover on a wedding, and bridesmaid who can hold the flowers for me, a friend who is atleast true to me. Yes, if I have those 3-4 people in my life, half of my work has been done. After all, human kind cannot be trusted.

Yes, I have a boyfriend who is ready to stay by my side.He is my friend, my mother and my father.He is a versatile love.I am proud to be with him.Is having a boyfriend some old school s**t? Oh you little hypocrite , come out of your nasty shell. Break the menagerie and sniff the world around.Well about sniffing, dogs can do it better than you.

So the next time you accuse a boy or girl whom you have been knowing since years or whom you just recently met, of something or just anything, remember one thing-

They are not all what you think them to be

© 2016 fattycbreezy52

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You are right my friend.
"They are not all what you think them to be"
Never judge a person till you know their journey. Thank you for sharing the amazing words and thoughts.

Posted 1 Year Ago


11 Months Ago

I appreciate that. Thanks Coyote for your kind words:)
Coyote Poetry

11 Months Ago

Was my pleasure and you are welcome.
my dear friend ..fattybreezy .. what a rant ..rambling :( but rant none the less .. just for the records ..old school beliefs have not (in any way) gone under .. i am an introvert and call very few my "friend" ... things have certainly changed however, internet is instant and falsely tagged as anonymous ..the hurt and pain inflicted is close up and personal ..hope that this write is not something you experienced first person ..but whether or not ..i hear you and send my little Old School prayers up for all ..those crushed .. and after that for those who crush :((((

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

As you have rightly remarked E, I have experienced this thing in first person, definitely and in fac.. read more
Einstein Noodle

1 Year Ago

i am sorry for this hurt you feel ..God bless you too my friend! i'm usually not awake this late (al.. read more

1 Year Ago

Haha totes:)

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