Despicable Sausage

Despicable Sausage

A Poem by fattycbreezy52

If you think that a sausage is trying to pull you down
So hard
Until you choke on your own food....
There you are !
With your low self- esteem.
Trying to make a pudding out of it
But completely forgetting to add
A fusion of all those citrus fruits
That would be floating on its surface,
Without any tubes or life jackets.

It's wonderful how my mind runs faster than a Sunday sometimes.
And how it doesn't work at all on some days.

May be the mind really wants to work it's a*s off
But the heart seduces it to sleep with the skull that plays upon the mind ,
The game of Shibari -
Binding it's miniscule existence within those uncountable and uncomfortable bundle of ropes,
Until the mind completely forgets to poop and pee.
My points, your points-
They all scream louder than a girl moaning during her first intercourse
Everything just falls into place (read daze)
Those 'oooh! aah!' sounds-
Forgetting their own names;
Coming out of the curves on the lower part of the face,
Like any normal word
Thats foreign enough to be considered sexy.

What assets?What appeals?
Faking the climax when you really don't have the knowledge .
While the heart,
Sitting on the left hand side corner of the body
Keeps banging itself against the walls of the ribcage
For having denied the mind it's own power
To create and ......speculate.

© 2017 fattycbreezy52

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wow! personifications very stimulating ..all those fruit flavors on the surface ;) i feel the frustrations that sex without real emotional satisfaction soon dulls ..becomes anger even ..i like the "keeping it real" attitude and the subtle innuendos .. and some not so subtle ;) glad i stopped by to check up on you fatty .. it has been a while ..hope all is well your way ..and the new year is already better than expected for you :)
see ya 'round more i hope

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Added on June 22, 2017
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