Where the Time goes -Or- Why I was Late

Where the Time goes -Or- Why I was Late

A Story by Richard McLin

A man is 3 hours late for an important moment with his girlfriend, this is his explanation why. True or False?


Part One: 3 Hours Late

She sat there with her angry feet tapping violently against the floor. The food she had prepared some hours ago was on it's way to getting even colder than it already was. She was not in the mood to put it in the fridge, all she wanted to do was put her foot in his a*s. As she got up to grab her cell phone for the hundredth time she could hear a car pull up outside her house. She moved quickly to the window and glanced outside. Outside was a purple Escalade with what appeared to be little holes all over it. She watched as the doors opened and the occupants stepped out from their unusual vehicle.

The driver was a young girl probably in her early twenties. She had long dark hair and was dressed like a w***e. She seemed to be limping, and by what little of her face could be seen from the house window it appeared as if she had been crying, but she had a smile on her face at the moment. She opened the drivers side back door and a large black man stepped out. He was probably about six and a half feet tall, and had the largest afro she had ever seen. He looked like a walking stereotype. From the other side came a clown. He was dressed in an orange suit with green dots covering it. He had a large red nose on and a gauze bandage over his right eye. Also from the other side came the man she had been waiting three hours for, Finn Webb, her boyfriend of four months.

He was wearing a black leather jacket with cream khaki pants and a white button up shirt that seemed stained with blood. His short black hair was ruffled and he looked very tired, but also seemed very happy. He shook the clowns hand and was telling something she couldn't make out. He hugged the w***e and told her something as well. He began walking to her door along with the large black man who was talking to Finn the whole way down. Finn shook his hand, and the large man walked back to the SUV. Finn opened and closed the door to the sound of the Escalade pulling away into the night.

"Lola, are you here?" Finn called out into the seemingly empty room.
"Over here jackass!" She called from the window.
Finn looked over and found her by the window. He moved over to hold her but she backed away. She saw as he was sort of favoring his right shoulder.
"Where the hell where you tonight? I fixed up a romantic dinner for our anniversary and not only are you three hours late, but you show up with the strangest group of people I've ever seen. What's going on?"

Finn sat down in a near by chair and motioned for her to have a seat. She sat down across from him on the couch. Her foot went to work once again on the floor as if it was the one that needed to be punished for being late.
"I can explain why I'm late, but you may not believe me."
"Try me!"
Finn took a deep breath, closed his eyes for two minutes and opened them again.
"Alright, it all begins about ten hours before our dinner." Finn began.

Part Two: 13 Hours Ago

Finn's car was telling him where to go. His GPS system was a marvelous piece of technology. He had to buy some flowers for Lola, the most important gift was already in his coat pocket. Her favorite flower was the Tiger Lily, and only one florist had them right now, but they were three hours away in the neighboring big metropolis, so Finn decided to start off early. Behind him was a car, a black BMW which appeared to be in a big hurry what with the speed it was moving up on his a*s.
"F*****g a*s hugger, I hate it when they ride the bumper." Finn thought as he signaled for the car to pass him, the car did not.
Finn pulled over to the side of the road so the car could move on, but the car pulled over with him. He stepped out of his car and began to move over to the BMW. Finn knocked on the tinted window, and it began to lower. Inside the drivers seat was a very attractive woman. She had long dark hair and seemed dressed to show off her assets.
"Why didn't you pass me?" Finn asked
"I'm sorry." she replied

With that said Finn was going to ask what she was sorry about, but didn't get the chance. He felt a great pain in the back of his skull, and everything went black. The last faded sound he heard was a deep voice saying "put him in the trunk"

Part Three: 5 hours later

Finn woke up the same way he went out, in complete darkness. Next to him was a bloodied up clown. Finn figured he was dead and was in some sort of strange hell. The clown began to stir and woke up, looked up at Finn, and straightened up.

"Who are you?" the clown asked
"I could ask you the same thing. My name is Finn Webb, who are you?"
The clown had a bandage over his right eye, and it was a safe bet that someone had a fun time beating the s**t out of him.
"My name is Douglas V. Portiff, and I'm an undercover F.B.I agent." the clown replied
"Not a very good one, he just told me his identity." Finn thought after hearing this
"I was sent in to infiltrate the birthday party of a mobsters son so I could plant a bug in his house, but they caught me. Why are you here?"

Finn tried to think, but could not figure out why he was here being held in what appeared to be a mafia basement. Cobwebs crept into Finn's view as his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness. There were pipes hugging the ceiling of the dark room, and the ground was concrete. Finn looked at the clown and told him the truth.

"Nothing, I have no ties to the mafia whatsoever." Finn replied
"Will they have some reason for having you here, for what ever reason I'm sorry. I don't think either of us will be getting out of here alive." Douglas replied
"What are you talking about? You're with the F.B.I, don't you have a bug on you that goes to some hidden van somewhere and they will send back up?"
The clown laughed and a "Oh I wish it were so" look crossed his face.
"No, I'm afraid this is one of those if your captured your on your own type of missions. No we both are pretty much fucked."
Finn decided there that if he need to feel better about the situation, it was a good idea NOT to talk to the clown anymore.

Part Four: Back at Lola's

Lola sat there listening to the tale Finn was spilling. A tale of flowers, road trips, mafia ho's, and imprisoned clowns from the F.B.I. Was he telling the truth, or did he just spin this strange tale to cover up some strange sexual secret life he lives with that group that dropped him off.

"I don't know what to think about all of this so far Finn." Lola confessed
"I know it sounds crazy, but I assure you it's all true. Shall I go on?"

"Yes, I need to know where you've been."
"Very well, anyway I was in the basement and then Vito showed up."

Part Five: 2 hours later

The clown had stopped talking and appeared to be thinking of something, but Finn couldn't guess what, hopefully some escape plan, but with his experience with this clown thus far, it was more realistically that he was pondering how the mob was going to kill him. A light sliced through the darkness and a large shadow came out from this light. He was a large African American with the largest afro Finn had ever seen. The clown began to look very scared and tried to hug his body against the wall as hard as he could.

"What's going on?" Finn asked feeling like he too should be freaking out more.
"That's Vito, Don Torino's right hand man. He's killed more people than you could ever imagine."
Vito came over and looked down at Finn. He pointed to him and motioned for him to stand up. Finn did this though his joints were a bit tired from not being used for some hours. Vito grabbed Finn by his right shoulder and dragged him out of the room. It felt to Finn that Vito's fingers were puncturing his skin and touching bone. Finn could not remember a time he felt such extreme pain. When he thought about what the clown said about this guy he realized that very soon he could be feeling pain that was a lot worse.

"The Don wants to see you. It concerns the object you purchased recently." Vito told him
Finn could feel that it was no longer in his pocket.
"Where is it?" Finn asked in a loud tone
"Not wise to take such a voice to me Mr. Webb."
The fingers dug themselves in even deeper, and Finn realized that THIS was the worst pain he ever felt, only this time he brought on to himself.
"Sorry, where is it?" he asked in a nicer tone
"The Don has it, and he will tell you everything you need to know, so just shut up." Vito replied

The room Vito took him to was beautiful. It was all crimson red with leather furniture. Vito tossed Finn into a very comfortable chair. His shoulder burned and felt like a wild animal had chewed on it for a few hours. Across the room from him was a large fat man. He had no hair and was wearing a pin stripped suit.
"My name is Don Torino." he said in a whispery voice
Finn couldn't reply, he didn't know what to say in a situation like this.
"Your name is Finnigan Atticus Webb. You live in the Emerald Apartments off of Thomas and 15th. You work as a Certified Medical Assistant at a very respected hospital, and you recently bought something you weren't suppose to."
"What do you mean I wasn't suppose to buy it, whose is it?"
"IT'S MINE!" The Don screamed
Finn was blown away with how much force came out of him. He was starting to see why this man was the Don.
"I'm sorry if you found this to be an insult, but I had no idea this was yours, I'd saved some money and then came into a little bit more with the passing of a relative and decided to buy the best one I could, but I had no idea it was already bought."
The Don removed to object from his pocket. It was still the largest stone Finn had ever seen on a ring before in his life. The whole ring was beautiful, and he knew Lola would love it, or at least would have.
"I'm not going to harm you Finn. I have what I want, you are free to go."
Finn got up and Vito opened a door for him to go through. Finn walked out half expecting to be shot in the back, but nothing happened. As he kept walking to the gated entrance, which would be his exit, he heard something that sounded like screaming, like female screaming. He noticed a guest house just next to his freedom gate. He walked over to it and took a look through the window. In there he found a large mob thug beating on the woman from the car. She was crying as the man kicked her while she was down on the ground.

Finn spotted a shovel next to the door and noticed that the thugs back was facing it. He crept over to the door and slowly opened it. He grabbed the shovel, stood up and held the shovel like a baseball bat. He then slammed it against the thugs head. The man crumpled to the ground. The woman got up and went to the corner thinking that Finn was probably going to do the same thing to her.

"I think you were truly sorry for what you were doing, you can get out of here with me, but I have to go and help one more person first."
"There's a man who is dressed as a clown, I have to help him. Will you come with me?" Finn asked
She nodded and followed his lead. Finn searched the thugs body. On him was a .9mm and some magazines. He grabbed the magazines and put them in his pocket. He put the gun in his pants and left the guest house with the woman, on his way to save a wounded F.B.I. clown.

Finn saw a door that was on the side of the mansion. It looked as if it would lead him to the basement he was in just a few minutes ago. He opened the door, and there he was, back inside the basement. The clown shot up and moved over towards Finn.

"You got out, what are you doing back here?"
"I've come to save you."

As Finn got ready to save the clown the other door opened and down the stairs came Vito. Finn raised his gun as did Vito. Vito gave Finn a smile, which confused him, and lowered his gun.

"Come with me, we have to go to the garage, I have a car there."
"What? Your helping us?" Finn asked

"Yes, I'm with the D.E.A., and I have been for years. I have enough to convict, but now we need to leave. Now follow me."

It was not far to the garage. Inside was a Rolls Royce, a BMW (yes the same one Finn encountered earlier) and a purple Escalade.
"Get in the Escalade, it's mine." Vito told them.
"You drive a purple Escalade?" asked the clown
"Yeah, you have a problem with it?"
"No, none at all."

They all piled into the SUV, but when the doors opened outside of the garage was a bunch of mob gunmen.
"Fiona, take the wheel." She slid over and took it.
"Are you D.E.A as well?"
"No, I'm just a better driver." She replied
She started the car and pressed the gas down hard.

The Escalade sped through, as the gunmen began to fire all the occupants ducked except for Vito, who was shooting back. Three men fell dead from Vito's shooting. Fiona drove through two of them and broke through the gates. Vito told her to go to someplace called "The Marley Lodge" and she nodded.

Part Six: 3 hours later

The Marley Lodge was a small hotel that was decorated with all things Bob Marley.
"Do you have any vacancies?" Finn asked
"We jamming with vacancies, how many little birds will be checking in?" Asked the clerk

The got the cabin number one, and Vito told them to wait until the commotion calmed down. Finn took a nap as did them all, except for Vito who stayed awake. Finn couldn't sleep he just thought about how he lost the ring he was going to give Lola, and how he would probably be very late for their dinner. He got up and moved over to Vito.

"Thank you for helping us." Finn said
"You are welcome. That was a brave thing you did saving Fiona and the F.B.I man. Why didn't you just leave when you had a chance?"
"I don't know, I just couldn't." Finn replied
"You know I was undercover in that place for many years, and I had to do things that I'll never forgive myself for, but now that it is over, I don't know if I can do anything else." Vito told him.
"You seem like a very intelligent person to me, I think you are going to be just fine."
Vito nodded, and looked back out the window.

Part Seven: Conclusion

"Then a few hours later we headed back. Vito got word that the Torino family was taken down, and it was safe. So he drove me home first, and here I am."

Lola didn't know what to say. The whole thing just sounded incredible. All the stuff he went through just so he could give her a ring, and by the sounds of it, it was beautiful. She got up, moved over to Finn and embraced him. He returned the embrace. She stood back up and grabbed his hand.

"Come with me." she replied

He got up and realized she was leading him to the bedroom. As they walked to the bedroom door he smiled while staring at the back of her head. He watched her open the door and he sat on the bed while she went to change into something more "comfortable". As she closed the door his smile didn't fade and there was really only one thing on his mind as the door began to open,

"I can't believe she bought it."

Richard McLin 2007

© 2009 Richard McLin

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Hahaha!!! I was not expecting that plot twist! I too thought his story to be real and right at the end, boom! It was nothing more bu ta cover story. Good job.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Richard McLin

1 Year Ago

Thank you for the review. it's one that was a lot of fun to write.

1 Year Ago

I noticed, I too was having fun while reading this.
Excellent and what a great imagination- sometimes unbelievable things do happen and many would believe it to be a story but it was actually real life- been there got the tshirt- well written i really enjoyed it.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Richard McLin

1 Year Ago

Thank you, I"m very glad you enjoyed it.
‘Thoughts In Time’🌹

1 Year Ago

Really, genuinely loved the story.
Have to admit though there were parts when I felt it needed editing and filling out to make it flow better but saying that it was a great piece... entertaining

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Richard McLin

1 Year Ago

It was a lot of fun to write, I'm very glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for the review.

I echo the other reviewers remarks..
You possess that wonderful dark, gritty edge of storytelling..
I always feel as if I have just stepped into a wonderful, dark theatre when I read about ole Finn..

So well done my friend!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I had a battle ship gray 77 Caddie with bullet holes all along the right side. Someone had shot a rabbi dead and it wound up in a junk yard where I bought it for $400 bucks and no papers. I just put someone else's plates on it and drove it for two years. I didn't worry cause I don't look like a rabbi.

Nothing good can come from a clown and a black man with a 70's giant afro not to mention a cried out tramp.

I never talk to clowns.

You have the noir thing and lip talk thing down like a Jim Thompson or Thompson gun.
(You know the novels of Jim Thompson and David Goodis?) Tell me.

Killer ending my friend and I loved every second of this tale.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Lol.. this guy Finn is sooo funny.. all through the story.. I thought to myself "she can't be buying this!!!".. incredibly she did in the end.. I guess this is why she and Finn are together though .. lol.. otherwise he would have been shown the curb long before that moment. The guy is so suave.. I was able to imagine a really funny charcater in a comedy and it made me think of one of the guys from Night at the Roxbury.. don't ask me why.. hahahaha. Great job being creative..it held attention and makes the reader laugh!

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is quite the story you have going on here. I liked it wonderful imagery and detail going. Held my sttention. I liked it alot.

Posted 9 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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Richard McLin
Richard McLin

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